Kakkara Desert

After you rescue Flammie from the Great Viper, you take Cannon Travel to Kakkara Desert.

Escape the Desert

You end up in the middle of the desert, nowhere near a town. From the first area, go north.

The next area has scorpion-like Sand Stingers, as well as some Pebblers. Go west from there.

This screen has some stone blocks and groups of boulders, as well as a bunch of Sand Stingers. Go north from here.

This area has Pumpkin Bombs. There are also some sand pits, in the middle of which you will find Spider Legs. Go east from this area.

There are some greenish/yellowish shells in this next screen. The three of you will automatically run to the center of the screen and complain about dehydration. But then you notice something to the north. Go north.


You end up separated from each other as slaves on a Sandship. In the room where Randi ends up, talk to Sergo, who has white hair, a yellowish bandanna, and purple pants. Talk to him again and he'll tell you to talk to the guards, so do that. Sergo will say that there is a fire, and the guards will rush away from the exit. Use the exit.

Up above, go left, down the stairs, then up the next set of stairs. Go up and to the right to find a set of stairs leading down. Go down, then follow the path until you reach a door. Go in and you will learn that Popoi has eaten all of the ship's food. They ask you to take Popoi with you. Talk to Popoi and he joins you again.

Go back upstairs. Go to the right and down, then look for the door in the bottom middle. It's hard to see. It's between two dark glowing squares. If you go up the stairs to the left, you can talk to the guy steering the ship to save your game.

Now go back downstairs and go to the right and up. Talk to the guards. Popoi will make them panic and leave. Go through the doors. Morie and Meria behave badly toward Primm, who joins you again. Then Meria tells the guards to capture you. But then the ship starts shaking. Morie wants to surrender, but Meria orders the soldiers to arms. However, they refuse.

You will end up outside again. Geshtar's Imperial soldiers have taken control of the ship. Go up to the top of the ship and approach Geshtar. He'll become Mech Rider and attack you.

Mech Rider

Mech Rider has no specific weaknesses, but Thunderbolt seems to work the best. Mech Rider has 980 HP. Mech Rider attacks by charging horizontally across the screen. Sometimes Mech Rider stays at the left or the right side of the screen. While there, he may shoot missiles at you or cast Speed Up on himself. You can run by holding the A button to more quickly reach the side that Mech Rider is on.

After you defeat Mech Rider, you get Whip's Orb.

You end up in the desert with the people from the Sandship. You can talk to everyone if you want. There's no actual exit from this area, but one of the soldiers says that a rescue team is coming and asks if you're leaving. If you're ready to leave this area, say yes. He says to go north to Kakkara, then west to the Fire Palace.

You'll end up in a screen full of sand pits. Go north from this screen. You finally reach a village.

Kakkara Village

Go up to the empty pond to the right of the inn and talk to the pink guy and the merchant-looking guy to learn that Salamando has been captured and the Fire Seed has been stolen. As a result, they have run out of water.

Watts is in the northeast of town, so forge any of your weapons that can be forged, such as the Whip since you got a Whip's Orb by defeating Mech Rider.

There is a merchant to the right of the empty pond. Don't bother buying Chest Guards or Golden Tiaras, because the Golden Vest and Raccoon Cap are stronger and can be worn by all. However, you might not be able to afford them for all of you. Feel free to go fight enemies to earn more GP so you can afford all of the armor.

When you are ready, go to the east side of the village and use the Cannon Travel to go to Ice Country, where you should look for Salamando.