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Beginning the Game

Secret of Mana, or Seiken Densetsu 2, is an action RPG that was originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1993. It takes place in a world that was almost destroyed by humans' misuse of a magical power called Mana.

Begin the Game

When you start a new game, you must name the main character. I'll refer to the main character as Randi, because that's his name in the original Japanese version of the game.

Find a Sword

After you fall off of the log bridge, go south. Get out of the water by walking down the little waterfall. Go southeast. You will hear a voice. Go south and cross the bridge, then go north. You will stop and say you have to find something to cut through. This can be confusing because it seems like you're stuck, but actually, you're not. Just keep going north, walk up the little waterfall, and go down to the sword.

When you find the rusty sword, check on it and you will take it. Go back to where you stopped in the bushes earlier, and use the sword to cut the bushes and go east.

Fight Your Way Back to Potos

You will encounter some monsters on the way. Fighting them will help you increase in level.

Whenever you use your weapon, you have to wait until you charge back up to 100%. If you use your weapon over and over, you won't do much damage, so be sure to wait to charge back up after every attack.

Monsters sometimes drop treasure chests. To open one, stand next to it and press A. Your character will pick it up and shake it open to get the treasure inside. Be careful, though, because sometimes treasure chests contain traps.

From the first Rabite that you encounter, go north, then east, then south. After going south for a while, go west until you reach the next area. To the left, there is a sign and a bridge. Cross the bridge, then go south. You'll find another bridge. Cross it, then go east and you'll be back in Potos.

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