The Empire

After you defeat the Minotaur and return the Fire Seed to the Fire Palace, your next stop is The Empire.

Explore Empire Southtown

The Empire can be reached by going to Kakkara Village and using their Cannon Travel Center to go to the Empire.

When you first enter the town, you'll have to walk along a wall to get to the town. After you go down the stairs, go northwest. A blue-haired woman will walk into her house when you go close to her. Go into her house and talk to her. She's Mara, a Tasnican spy and friend of Jema. She tells you go east to the entrance to the sewer, which is controlled by the Resistance. From there you can get to Northtown. You need to give the password 634 to go into the sewer.

Leave Mara's house. Go to the east side of town. Don't bother with the armor shop in Southtown. You can get better stuff soon. On the east side of town, a member of the Resistance is waiting near the sewer. Go up and talk to the Resistance Member and enter the password 634 like Mara told you. Go into the sewer entrance.

Resistance Sewerway

Go to the northeast part of the room to reach the stairs to the next area. Then quickly go down into the water to avoid Blue Drop's attacks. Go southeast to reach the next room.

In the next room, the exit is on the southwest. There are Dinofish in the next room and a Blue Drop. Go south to exit this room.

There are more Dinofish in the next room. Go north and west to reach the stairs to the next area.

Go south from the Blue Drop and walk through the water to reach the steps. Go up and you will finally be in the Resistance's headquarters.

Resistance Headquarters

You meet Krissie, the leader of the Resistance. When Primm mentions Dyluck, Krissie says that someone named Dyluck has been draining people's energy in the eastern ruins.

Leave the Resistance HQ to enter Empire Northtown. Look for the Armor Shop and buy three Frosty Rings, three Tiger Caps, two Tiger Suits, and a Tiger Bikini.

Watts is in the downstairs part of the Inn if you need any weapons forged.

Now it's time to check out the Empire Ruins. Use the northeast exit of town to reach the ruins.