Mana Fortress

After the Mana Tree gives you her power, you are ready to take on the Mana Fortress and save the world.

Enter the Mana Fortress

Use Flammie to fly to the Mana Fortress. If you need to leave, just call Flammie.

Rare Equipment and Orbs

Some of the enemies in the Mana Fortress, in rare cases, will drop equipment or weapon orbs. You can only have a maximum of nine orbs for all of your weapons except the sword, so once you have that many, the enemy will drop candy instead of an orb. These items are very rare, but you might want to try to get them anyway. Here is a list:

EnemyItem DroppedNotes
TsunamiAmulet Ring
Wolf LordFaerie's RingMost powerful bracelet in the game
Fiend HeadVampire Cape
WhimperPower SuitMost powerful armor for Randi in the game
Master NinjaFaerie CloakMost powerful armor for Popoi and Primm in the game
TerminatorFaerie CrownMost powerful helmet for Popoi and Primm in the game

EnemyOrb Dropped
Wolf LordGloves Orb
Fiend HeadAxe's Orb
TsunamiSpear's Orb
TerminatorWhip's Orb
Metal CrabBow's Orb
Master NinjaBoomerang's Orb
WhimperJavelin's Orb

Go into the Fortress

From where Flammie drops you off, go north. Enter the door at the north part of the outside of the Mana Fortress.

Inside, go north past the Metal Crabs and follow the path north under a wall. There are two Turtlances here. Go to the left side of the path and go north, then use the whip to go across to the east. Go down from there and step on the purple switch to create a bridge to the door in the north wall. Go north through that door that you can now reach. There is a Fiend Head here, and a couple of Dark Stalkers. Keep going north to the next area, where you find two Heck Hounds and a Wolf Lord.

Go north once more and you will find some green crystals blocking your way. Hit them a few times with the sword or axe to get rid of them. Then step on the switch to extend a bridge to the east. Step on the switch there to create a bridge to the west. Go across it and use the whip to go west. There is a National Scar here. Go south from it to a new area. Ignore the path to the left, because it just goes to a dead end. Use either of the whip posts to go south.

You may encounter a Whimper, Doom Sword, and National Scar in the room to the south. Continue south to the next room, where there is a Dark Stalker. Go south from there to a room full of green crystals. Use the sword or axe to cut them out of the way. Don't step on the switch, because it just makes the crystals reappear. Go west through the crystal room, and then go north through the door at the end.

There is a Marmablue in this room. Step on the switch here to extend a bridge to the west. Go west to find a Tsunami. Go south from there and use your whip to go across. There are a couple of Captain Ducks in here. Go west to find a door. Go through.

In this room, there is a Whimper and a switch. Step on the switch and you will be transported to a boss fight. You may wish to cast Light Saber on your weapons before you go.


Use Lucent Beam on Buffy. Watch out for its HP absorbing ability and claw attacks. It can cast level 7 Freeze, as well as Leaden Glare. Try casting Light Saber on your weapons to inflict more damage.

To go to the next area after the battle, go to the north end of Buffy's room and step on the switch.

In the next room, there are a couple of Heck Hounds. Go to the right, then go north. The path splits again. Go east, then use the whip to go north. When the path splits again, go east. Follow the path until you reach a maze-like area. When the path splits, go south. At the next split, go west. After the maze, you reach a switch. Step on it to make a bridge appear to the south. Cross the bridge and step on the switch at the end to go to Dread Slime.

Dread Slime

Use Dark Force on Dread Slime. Make sure to pause between casting, because if you don't, you'll hit the maximum of 999 HP damage, which could end up reducing the amount of damage you inflict. Wait for the explosions of the Dark Force spell to begin before you cast the next spell. Dread Slime can use level 7 Acid Storm.

After the battle, you appear in a new area. Go north. You'll pass some green crystals. Go left or right, then north, and cut down the green crystal in your way. There are Dark Stalkers here, and a Master Ninja. Go north from there.

In the next area, you encounter a Whimper, Doom Sword, and Terminator. Go north after you get past them.

The next area has a Heck Hound and a Wolf Lord. Go west from there and use your whip to get across. There is another Heck Hound and Wolf Lord on the other side. Go south from there.

In the next area you find a Dark Stalker and a Fiend Head. Go west, then north.

Here you find some Armored Fiends and a Terminator. Go west, then south.

There is a Heck Hound near the entrance of this area. Go west and you will encounter a Shape Shifter and a Wolf Lord. Go north.

This area has a Master Ninja and Dark Stalker. Go west and you will find a Fiend Head. Go south.

There is a Doom Sword here. Go south and you will encounter a Terminator. To the northwest, there is a Metal Crab. Go to the left side of the area and go south, where there is another Terminator. Go south from there.

In this area, there are a couple of Wolf Lords, and a Whimper on the platform in the middle. Go south.

This area has a Tsunami and Fiend Head. Go south.

Next, you'll find a Master Ninja. Go east and cut through the green crystals. There are a few Terminators here. Go north.

The floor of this room is in the shape of a "no" symbol. Kind of like ø . Step on the switch in the middle.

You're standing on the platform that you saw in the introduction of the game. If you are ready for the final battles of the game, step on the switch on the right. You may wish to use your healing magic/items to heal up before this.

After you step on the switch, you find Thanatos, and Dyluck is behind him. Thanatos's body is failing, so he is preparing to possess Dyluck. Watch what happens, and then you have to fight Dark Lich.

Dark Lich

Use Lucent Beam on Dark Lich. The easiest way to win this battle is to use the Midge Mallet on Primm to pygmize her on purpose, then have her cast Lucent Beam repeatedly. Pygmizing her will make her able to cast spells more quickly. Wait for both beams of light to hit Dark Lich before casting Lucent Beam again. This should prevent Dark Lich from being able to cast many spells. Dark Lich can freeze you, balloon you, pygmize you, confuse you, petrify you, use level 8 Dispel Magic, and has a Thunder Beam spell. You might want to make sure that all of your characters keep away and don't attack, in the hope of keeping a distance from these spells.

After the battle, both Primm and Popoi gain the Dryad's Mana Magic. Go south and step on the switch. The Mana Beast appears.

Mana Beast

Randi should have the sword equipped. Both Popoi and Primm have Mana Magic. Both of them must cast Mana Magic on Randi's sword to turn it into the Mana Sword. The blade will turn green. Don't try to attack or cast spells before doing this! Otherwise, you won't do any damage.

Have them cast Mana Magic on Randi's sword if his magic fades and the sword stops doing damage. Have Randi hit the Mana Beast with the Mana Sword whenever the Mana Beast is directly in front of you.

The Mana Beast can do a flame attack, and can cast level 8 Lucent Beam and level 8 Wall on itself. Keep everyone healed up. The Mana Beast has infinite MP, so if Popoi's MP are running low, use Magic Absorb to get some from the Mana Beast.

Try casting Moon Energy on Randi, and cast Lucid Barrier and Defender on everyone.


The battle is over when the Mana Beast glows white and starts exploding. Congratulations! You won! Enjoy the ending!