Zygarde Cores and Cells Locations

This page lists the locations of green and pink sparkles, Zygarde Cells and Cores, that you can collect with the Zygarde Cube.

Green Cell Locations

There are 100 total Zygarde Cells. The following list tells you where to find them. They will only appear after you have received the Zygarde Cube in Heahea City on Akala Island.

How to Assemble Zygarde

Go into the Aether Building in Route 16 of Ula'ula Island. Check on the console of the Reassembly Unit. If you do not have a Zygarde in your party or Boxes, choose Assembly, then choose Using the Zygarde Cube only. The machine will create a Forme of Zygarde. The Formes that you can create are 10% Forme (requires 10 total Cells), the 50% Forme (requires 50 total Cells) and Complete form (requires all 100 Cells).

To add more Cells to Zygarde, put Zygarde in your party, then choose Assembly, then choose Using Zygarde and the Zygarde Cube. Then choose Zygarde from your party.

If you do Separation, it is like releasing Zygarde into the wild, but the Cells go back into the cube for you to create another Zygarde. The new Zygarde will not retain anything that the previous Zygarde had.

Melemele Island

  1. Route 1: to the left of the eastern grass, against the natural stone wall (day only)
  2. Route 1: in the area blocked by rocks, to the left of a tree in the eastern half (day only)
  3. Route 1 Hau'oli Outskirts: To the right of the Pokémon Research Lab (day only)
  4. Trainers' School: Ground floor lobby on purple bed (night only)
  5. Hau'oli City Shopping District: To the left of the entrance of the Pokémon Center (night only)
  6. Hau'oli City Shopping District: In Ilima's house, left side of ground floor (day only)
  7. Route 2: At the left side of the Roadside Motel
  8. Hau'oli Cemetery: Upper-left corner of the area
  9. Verdant Cavern: To the right of the northeast pokémon den
  10. Kala'e Bay: to the left of the Seaward Cave entrance
  11. Route 3: South of the entrance to Melemele Meadow (day only)
  12. Route 3: In front of a tree south of the bridge
  13. (Post-game) Iki Town: to the right of the entrance to Mahalo Trail (night only)
  14. (Post-game) Ruins of Conflict: to the right of the entrance

Akala Island

  1. Route 4: to the left of a ramp near a Pokémon Breeder girl
  2. Route 5: Northern part of the route, between the Youngster and the Pokémon Center
  3. Route 7: Northeast of the tunnel to Route 8, on the sand
  4. Route 8: To the right of the Aether Foundation building
  5. Route 8: South of the rock on the path between the motel and Lush Jungle (day only)
  6. Akala Outskirts: Southwest of the Black Belt
  7. Diglett's Tunnel: Northeast of Worker Vaclav
  8. Hano Beach: Under the first beach umbrella
  9. Hano Beach: Under the lifeguard tower in the east part of the area (day only)
  10. Heahea City: In front of the Dimensional Research Lab (night only)
  11. Heahea City: In the upper left of the lobby of the Tide Song Hotel
  12. Konikoni City: at Lighthouse Point, to the left of the Pikachu (night only)
  13. Lush Jungle: In the eastern cave, accessible with Machop
  14. Paniola Ranch: South of the Moomoo Paddock, in the corner northeast of the Trainer Tips sign (day only)
  15. Paniola Ranch: to the left of the upper-left ramp (night only)
  16. Royal Avenue: to the right of the Pokémon Center (night only)
  17. Royal Avenue: in the parking lot of the Thrifty Megamart, between a red truck and a blue truck (day only)
  18. Wela Volcano Park: to the left of the captain's barricade outside of the Totem's Den

Ula'ula Island

  1. Route 10: Behind an Ace Trainer near a Trainer Tips sign near the middle of the route (day only)
  2. Route 11: Near the east side of the area, southeast of the Black Belt (night only)
  3. Route 12: To the right of the first area of rocky ground
  4. Route 12: South of the Punk Pair
  5. Route 13: To the left of the motel (night only)
  6. Route 13: South of the oasis
  7. Route 14: Far right side of beach
  8. Route 14: Near the broken part of the road that you can climb up on (night only)
  9. Route 15: Aether House, in the upper-left corner of the room on the left (day only)
  10. Route 15: South of the ramp down to the sand, west of Aether House
  11. Route 16: To the left of the Pokémon Center (day only)
  12. Route 17: In the middle of the rocky hills east of Po Town, between one-way ledges on the right side
  13. Route 17: Near the bottom corner of the Po Town walls
  14. Blush Mountain: To the right of the Geothermal Power Plant
  15. Haina Desert: Go north from the first area, then east. The sparkle is above the small tree in the middle
  16. Hokulani Observatory: Far left side of hallway (night only)
  17. Malie City: In the far right room of the Community Center (night only)
  18. Malie City: West of the Pokémon Center, in front of the two yellow trucks (day only)
  19. Malie City Outer Cape: In the covered parking area on the right side of the recycling plant (day only)
  20. Malie Garden: Northwest corner of the area
  21. Mount Lanakila: Near the entrance
  22. Mount Lanakila: West of the Pokémon Center
  23. Po Town: In the northeast corner of the area, to the right of a yellow truck (day only)
  24. Po Town: In the northwest corner of the area, below an empty red truck (night only)
  25. Ruins of Abundance: In front of the Ruins of Abundance
  26. Secluded Shore: To the right of the entrance (night only)
  27. Secluded Shore: On the far left side of the beach (day only)
  28. Tapu Village: South of the Pokémon Center
  29. Ula'ula Meadow: Near the Poké Finder spot, where the bridge is wider
  30. Ula'ula Meadow: Northeast area

Aether Paradise

  1. To the right of the door to Secret Lab B.
  2. To the right of the outside path after finding Team Skull in Aether Paradise
  3. To the left of the mansion north of where you fought Guzma (day only)
  4. Inside the mansion north of where you fought Guzma, in the table on the right
  5. South of the main Aether Paradise building, to the left of the front entrance (night only)

Poni Island

  1. Seafolk Village: Battle restaurant, under bottom-left table
  2. Seafolk Village: East of Pokémon Center
  3. Poni Wilds: on the north part of the beach
  4. Poni Wilds: east of the Seafolk Village entrance, on a one-way ledge (day only)
  5. Poni Wilds: to the left of the Trainer Tips sign in the eastern part of the area (night only)
  6. Ancient Poni Path: near the southwest exit (day only)
  7. Ancient Poni Path: to the right of Hapu's house, behind the well (day only)
  8. Ancient Poni Path: to the right of the exit to Vast Poni Canyon (night only)
  9. Poni Breaker Coast: to the right of a geyser (day only)
  10. Poni Breaker Coast: near the exit to the Ruins of Hope (night only)
  11. Ruins of Hope: southeast of the door
  12. Vast Poni Canyon: near the entrance of the second cave area
  13. Vast Poni Canyon: near the entrance of the cave area after the bridge
  14. Vast Poni Canyon: in the outdoor area south of the rock puzzle
  15. Vast Poni Canyon: above the large boulder near the exit that you can push to create a shortcut
  16. (Post-game) Poni Grove: north of the entrance
  17. (Post-game) Poni Grove: east of the exit to Poni Plains
  18. (Post-game) Poni Plains: to the left of a tree with a circle of grass around it (day only)
  19. (Post-game) Poni Plains: in the northwest rocky area.
  20. (Post-game) Poni Plains: in the upper-right part of the lowest area (night only)
  21. (Post-game) Resolution Cave: to the right of the entrance to the deepest part of the cave (day only)
  22. (Post-game) Resolution Cave: in the southern part of the deepest part of the cave (night only)
  23. (Post-game) Resolution Cave: in the deepest part of the cave, on the raised ledge to the north
  24. (Post-game) Poni Meadow: between the one-way ledges
  25. (Post-game) Poni Coast: along the east side, north of a boulder that Tauros can break
  26. (Post-game) Poni Coast: in the middle path where there is swirling dust from a pokémon
  27. (Post-game) Poni Gauntlet: north of the southernmost bridge
  28. (Post-game) Poni Gauntlet: on the bridge north of the Black Belt

Pink Core Locations

Pink Cores allow you to teach moves to Zygarde. If you have a Zygarde in your party, and if you have collected any pink Cores, you can go into your Bag, select the Zygarde Cube, choose Use this Item, and use it on Zygarde to teach it a move. Pink sparkles are located in the following places:

  1. Melemele Island: Your room in your house in Route 1 Hau'oli Outskirts (Extreme Speed)
  2. Melemele Island: Kahuna Hala's house in Iki Town, in the upper-right room (Thousand Arrows)
  3. Akala Island: The room upstairs from Kahuna Olivia's fossil shop in Konikoni City (Dragon Dance)
  4. Ula'ula Island: In the back of the Po Town Police Station (Thousand Waves)
  5. Poni Island: In Hapu's bedroom in her house in Ancient Poni Path (Core Enforcer)