Paniola Town and Paniola Ranch

After you make your way through Route 4, you arrive in Paniola Town and visit the nearby Paniola Ranch.

Paniola Town

Go upward in town and Hau will challenge you to a battle, healing your pokémon first. Hau has a level 16 Pikachu and a level 17 starter (Dartrix if you chose Litten, Brionne if you chose Rowlet, or Torracat if you chose Popplio). You get 680 Pokédollars for winning.

Afterward, Hau gives you a Dire Hit.

Go into the house to the left of the Pokémon Center and go to the back, and go up the stairs. Talk to the Magmar in the bottom-right corner to get a Quick Ball.

To the left of this house, past the Tauros and the man, there is a wagon full of hay. Check on it to get a Revive.

There is a hidden Fresh Water south of the Ride Tauros in town, in the corner where the fence meets the water.

Go north from Paniola Town to reach Paniola Ranch.

Paniola Ranch

Go up the path and talk to the woman in the green dress to battle Madame Elizabeth. She has a level 15 Carbink. You get 3000 Pokédollars for winning.

Go farther through the ranch and the Pokémon Breeder up ahead will talk to you. You will meet Captain Mallow, who adds Stoutland to your Ride Pager. Stoutland's special ability is to search for hidden items. Press B while riding Stoutland to search the area for hidden items.

Mallow says to go through Route 5 to reach Brooklet Hill and meet Lana.

While riding Stoutland, if you hold B and there is a blue exclamation mark over your head, there is a hidden item nearby. Move around holding B until the blue exclamation mark becomes a red one. When you see a red exclamation mark over your head, press A to get the hidden item.

There is a hidden Repel if you go downward from the Pokémon Breeder you talked to earlier, and there is a hidden Moomoo Milk above the Miltank pokémon that brought you to Mallow earlier. There is a hidden Fresh Water above the Tauros on the left side of the area, next to the pond.

Check on the Tauros at the upper left of the area and you will be asked to battle the Tauros. Pokémon Breeder Wesley's Tauros is level 15. It's weak to Fighting attacks. You get 600 Pokédollars for winning.

Afterward, Wesley gives you a Scope Lens.

When you exit the Miltank Paddock area, you can go downward to find some tall grass. Go through the grass and go to the upper-right to find a sparkle. Check on it to add a creature to the Zygarde Cube.

In the grass south of that sparkle, there is a hidden Soda Pop.

There is a ramp to the left, and there is a hidden Super Repel below it.

Southwest of the ramp, there is an Ether.

You can battle Pokémon Breeder Glenn near the right side of the ramp. He has a level 15 Mudbray. You get 600 Pokédollars for winning.

Go over the ramp to the right of the Pokémon Breeder, then go upward to find the Pokémon Nursery.

The Miltank outside of the Nursery will heal up your pokémon.

Pokémon Nursery

In the Pokémon Nursery, you can give two pokémon to the girl behind the counter. If the pokémon are compatible, they might lay an egg. The girl outside of the Nursery will tell you if your pokémon have laid an egg.

The Pokémon Nursery is different from Pokémon Day Care in other regions. The Nursery here in Alola won't level up your pokémon or make them learn moves.

Talk to the girl behind the counter to get an egg. If you keep this egg with you in your party and walk around, it will eventually hatch. If you want to know what this egg hatches into, click the button:

The egg that the Nursery girl gives you will hatch into an Eevee.

Talk to the girl in the upper-left to get TM10 Hidden Power. You can talk to this girl to find out what type a pokémon's Hidden Power will be.

Back Outside

If you go into the fenced-in area south of the Nursery, there is a hidden Oval Stone. If you get a Happiny, you can give it the Oval Stone to hold, and if you level it up during the day, it will evolve into Chansey.

To the right of the Nursery, there is a red truck, and behind it there is an Amulet Coin. If a pokémon holds it and participates in battle, you will earn twice as much money from the battle.

Go north from here and you can talk to the man to battle Gentleman Gerald. He has a level 5 Sableye. He is weak to Fairy attacks, and is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic attacks. You get 3000 Pokédollars for winning.

North of Gerald, go to the fence on the left side to find a Poké Finder spot, where you can take photos.

Keep going upward to reach Route 5.