Pokémon Research Lab

After the festival, Lillie takes you to visit Professor Kukui at his Pokémon Research Lab.

Visit the Lab

The next day, Lillie will be at your front door. Professor Kukui asked her to take you to the Pokémon Research Lab. Before you go, Mom gives you some money.

Go southwest from your house (the other paths are blocked) and Lillie will explain about her secret pokémon, Cosmog. Then she will continue through the path.

Pokémon in this area:
Wingull, Slowpoke, Yungoos (day only), Rattata (night only)

In the grass in this area, you can encounter Wingull and Yungoos.

If you go to the right, through the grass, you will find an Awakening.

Near the Awakening, you can battle Youngster Kevin, who has a level 6 Grubbin. You get 120 Pokédollars for winning.

Southeast of there, you can battle Lass Madison, who has a level 6 Wingull. You get 144 Pokédollars for winning.

Go southwest from there to find the Pokémon Research Lab. Approach Lillie, who is standing in front of the building.

Rotom Dex

Professor Kukui adds Rotom to your Pokédex to turn it into the Rotom Dex. You can see your location and check the Town Map with it.

Hau and Professor Kukui tell you about the island challenge, and Kukui gives you an island challenge amulet.

Kukui tells you to go to the Trainers' School next.

You can tap Rotom between the eyes to see the Pokédex. Or tap the middle of the map to get some help from Rotom. If you tap elsewhere on the map, you will see the full map of the Alola Islands.

You can check on the ladder to go up to Lillie's loft. You can also go downstairs in the lab and check on things there.

When you are ready, go outside. Go north and you can go to your house. Then when you are ready, go west to Hau'oli City Shopping District. Lillie will meet you and take you into the Pokémon Center.

Talk to the guy behind the counter of the Pokémon Café. If you have been feeding your pokémon some beans, he may give you a Rare Candy. He can serve you Lemonade for 198 Pokédollars, Moomoo Milk for 198 Pokédollars, and Pinap Juice for 198 Pokédollars. If you get a drink, you get a bonus item, Poké Beans, and some useful information. If you get a drink, talk to him again afterward to get another Rare Candy.

Press X to open your menu. Quick Link has now been added. If you are nearby to a player you want to play together with, both of you can tap your touch screens to connect and play together.

Festival Plaza

Also added to your menu is Festival Plaza. Sophocles will ask you to help with the festival. Someone will arrive in the plaza. Talk to this person and you get 2 Festival Coins.

Talk to Sophocles again and he will show you the facilities: the lottery shop where you can win prizes, the bouncy house for pokémon training, the fortune-teller tent to learn your fortune for the day, and the dye house where you can change the color of your fashion items. More facilities will open up as you play and meet more people in your Festival Plaza.

Two more people arrive in the plaza, so talk to them and respond to their questions. Afterward, your plaza will go up to Rank 2. Talk to Sophocles and a new facility will be added to your Festival Plaza.

Go into the castle to meet the staff there. You can get information from the receptionist, participate in Global Missions, page specific visitors, and rearrange the facilities.

For more information, read Festival Plaza.

QR Scanner

The QR Scanner has also been added to the menu. You can use it to scan QR codes of pokémon. Scanning a QR code of a pokémon that you haven't met yet will add that pokémon to your Pokédex, unless it is a pokémon that cannot be found in the Alola Region.

After you do ten QR scans, you can do an Island Scan, which will scan the island that you are currently on and find a rare pokémon on the current island. You have 60 minutes to find that pokémon before the Island Scan wears off. I recommend not using Island Scan until you have a way to travel far distances more quickly.

Each time you scan a QR code, your scan gauge reduces by one scan. One scan is added to your gauge after two hours, unless the gauge is full.

To the Trainers' School

Your next stop is the Trainers' School, which is west of the Pokémon Center.