Festival Plaza

After you go to the Hau'oli City Shopping District Pokémon Center, you can go to Festival Plaza from your X-button menu.


Festival Plaza is a place you can go to from your X-button menu after you have gone to a Pokémon Center for the first time.

Players that you StreetPass with can appear in Festival Plaza, or if you connect to the Internet, players from around the world can appear. You can invite your guests to go on missions with you, and you can do global missions with players around the world.

You can get Festival Coins by sending your guests to facilities in your plaza that they like.

Inside the castle, you can add new facilities to your plaza and change or remove the ones that are there.

Green Exclamation Mark

If you see a green exclamation mark on your Festival Plaza icon in your X-button menu, it means that someone in your Festival Plaza has a request. Go around and talk to your guests and fulfill their requests, then leave Festival Plaza. If there is still a green exclamation mark, go back into your Festival Plaza. New guests can appear each time you visit, allowing you to fulfill the remaining requests.


If a guest has a red speech bubble, that guest has a request for you. Sometimes the guest just wants you to listen to what he or she has done lately, or will ask you a questionnaire question, but sometimes the guest will ask you to recommend a facility. The wording of the request will give you a clue about which facilities will satisfy the request.

Wording of RequestFacilities that Will Work
...an exciting placeLottery shop
...a place where my Pokémon can playBouncy house
...a place that Pokémon can enjoyBouncy house, Haunted House
...a place where I can treat myselfGoody Shop
...a place where I can see real skilled workDye shop
...a good place to shopGoody Shop
...a yummy placeFood Stall
...a place you think I'd likeYou have to guess the correct facility


Talk to the dancer south of the castle entrance to get three Festival Tickets per day to do missions.

Global Missions

Go into the castle and check on the PC to get a Game Sync ID. Then you can talk to the dancer next to the PC to participate in Global Missions.


Facilities include bouncy houses, lottery shops, dye shops, and fortune tellers.

Fortune-Teller Tent

You can unlock new messages when you get your fortune told. It costs 10 FC to have your fortune told. Each Fortune Teller gives one fortune per day.

Lottery Shop

You can draw one lottery ticket per day from each Lottery Shop in your plaza.

Dye Shop

Certain white clothing items can be dyed different colors at the dye shops in your plaza. You can dye them standard colors, or use berries to create new colors. The person working at the dye shop will tell you which berries you need to create each color.

Bouncy House

You can spend FC to have your pokémon can play in the bouncy house. You can choose different courses to raise different base stats of your pokémon.

Goody Shop

You can buy sets of supplies here using Festival Coins.

Food Stall

Your pokémon can eat meals here if you spend Festival Coins.

Haunted House

You can send a pokémon in, and it will bring back an item.