Hau'oli City

After completing the challenge in the Trainers' School, you explore Hau'oli City.

Hau'oli City Beachfront

When you enter the Beachfront, a girl shows you how to do the Alola greeting. Go farther north and talk to the woman on the right to get a Potion.

Go down the first set of stairs to the beach, and get the Potion that is south of those stairs.

Hau'oli City Shopping District

When you go farther north up the road, you reach Hau'oli City Shopping District. Go north and Hau will meet you and take you into the nearby Tourist Bureau, where you get a Poké Finder for your Rotom Dex. While you are here, you can talk to the woman on the left side of the counter to play the Loto ID. She will draw a random number, and if some of the numbers match the original trainer IDs of any of your pokémon, you win a prize.

Talk to the guy in the bottom-left corner of the room. If you have caught ten different species of pokémon, he gives you 10 Ultra Balls. If you haven't caught that many yet, just come back and talk to him later.

Go outside to meet up with Hau and Lillie again. Rotom will fly off and take a photo. Afterward, the guy nearby will tell you that the broken wall is a photo spot. Go up to the crack in the wall and press R or tap Rotom to activate the Poké Finder. Take at least one picture of the pokémon. Try to take the picture when the pokémon is facing the camera, and zoom in to make the pokémon as big as possible in the picture. Then choose the photo that seems best. You will upload it and get comments on it. After that, you should use the Poké Finder again and take up to six photos, and choose one. At that point, you will have enough points for your Poké Finder to be upgraded to Version 2. Taking a picture of a pokémon will add it to your pokédex as seen.

When you go farther up the street, you will find Lillie outside the apparel shop. She will give you a Lens Case, and if your character is female, a Makeup Bag. After Lillie departs, talk to the woman outside of the shop to get a Silk Scarf.

If you go into the apparel store, you can talk to the woman behind the counter to buy new clothes. You can go into the changing room on the left side of the store to change clothes, eye color, and for female characters, lip color.

Next door, there is a hair salon. You can change your hair style, hair color, or both. Your photo in your passport will automatically be updated with your new hairstyle.

Up ahead, a Pokémon Center is on the right. Talk to the guy outside to get a Heal Ball.

Inside of the Pokémon Center, talk to the woman on the left and she will ask you to add a Drifloon to your Pokédex and show it to her, and she will pay you if you do. She says that you can find Drifloon in the Hau'oli Cemetery.

In this Pokémon Center, there is an old man who is a Move Deleter. Talk to him if you want your pokémon to forget any moves.

Pokémon in this area:
Abra, Grimer, Magnemite, Meowth, Pichu, Rattata (night only), Wingull, Yungoos (day only),

If you go through the red gate across from the Pokémon Center and go through all the grass, you will find a Revive next to the palm tree.

When you go past the Pokémon Center, you overhear that Team Skull was seen at the Marina.

If you go to the left from the people who were talking about Team Skull, you will find Ilima's house. Talk to the woman in the kitchen to get a Lumiose Galette.

Outside, if you go north in the yard of Ilima's house, you find a pool, and north of that you will find an Ether.

If you go down the street facing Ilima's house, you will find Hau'oli City Hall. Talk to the person on a couch to get a Revive.

When you go outside, you can go past City Hall and then around the side of the City Hall building to where there is a gate in the fence. Go through the gate and walk through the grass next to City Hall to find a Tiny Mushroom.

Then go back to the street and continue following it. You will find Hau outside of the Malasada shop. You can go into the shop and buy Big Malasadas from the girl on the right for 350 Pokédollars. You can take Big Malasadas with you to feed to your pokémon later. You can also buy smaller malasadas from the girl on the left for 200 Pokédollars. These malasadas can be different flavors, such as Sweet, Spicy, and Sour. When you buy one, you have to choose a pokémon to feed it to, and your pokémon will eat it in the store.

Outside, if you go past the Malasada shop, you find an empty lot with a Machamp in it. Across from this empty lot, there is a red gate. Go through the gate and go through the grass to find TM49 Echoed Voice.

Go past the police station and go down the road to reach the Marina.

Hau'oli City Marina

At the Marina, talk to Captain Ilima. Team Skull approaches you and tells you to give them your pokémon. Ilima asks you to challenge one of them while he challenges the other. Talk to the Team Skull Grunt next to you. Team Skull Grunt has a level 8 Zubat. It's weak to Electric, Ice, Psychic, and Rock attacks. You get 256 Pokédollars for winning.

Afterward, Ilima heals your pokémon. Then he asks to see if your pokémon are ready for his trial. Say Yes if you are ready to battle Ilima. Captain Ilima has a level 9 Yungoos and a level 10 Smeargle. You get 1200 Pokédollars for winning.

Afterward, Ilima says to go through Route 2 to reach Verdant Cavern, where you can do the Trial of Ilima.

At the Marina, there is a lowered area on the east side. Go down this area and you will find a Super Potion at the end.

Talk to the girl outside of the Ferry Terminal to get an X Defense. Talk to the guy next to her to get an X Attack.

Now that you have battled Captain Ilima, you can open the gates around Hau'oli City that had been closed due to wet paint earlier.

When you are ready to move on, go up the street next to the Pokémon Center. Lillie will talk to you. Go farther north and talk to Kahuna Hala. Go up and pet Tauros. Then after Hala and Tauros leave, go north to reach Route 2.