Ancient Poni Path and Poni Breaker Coast

After passing through the Poni Wilds, you meet Hapu in Ancient Poni Path before heading east to Poni Breaker Coast.

Meet Hapu

Go to the right to start a cutscene. Machamp will be added to your Ride Pager.

If you wish, you can go to the places where large boulders blocked your path, such as in Ten Carat Hill, and eastern Lush Jungle.

You can also go to the Ruins of Life

To the north, there is a green sparkle for the Zygarde Cube.

South of there, go to the right of the wall, then go down and west through the grass to find an Adrenaline Orb.

To the west, you can go into the large building. the Miltank there will heal your pokémon.

In the house, go to the right and into the room there. There is a pink sparkle for the Zygarde Cube.

You can check on the bed to get an Awakening.

Go through one of the back doors of the house to reach the courtyard. There is a hidden Revival herb above the tree in the middle.

To the right of Hapu's house, there is a well, and there is a green sparkle behind it.

To get the item that you see behind the wall here, go east, then north, then west. It is a Shiny Stone.

Go southeast in the route. If you go east of the ramp down to Poni Breaker Coast, you battle Collector Raymond. He has a level 43 Turtonator and a level 43 Drampa. You get 1376 Pokédollars for winning.

To the right of the Collector, there is a hidden PP Up.

Go south and go down the ramp to reach Poni Breaker Coast.

Poni Breaker Coast

To the left of where you entered the area, you can battle Sightseer Jamie. She has a level 43 non-Alolan Sandshrew, a level 43 non-Alolan Geodude, a level 43 non-Alolan Graveler, and a level 43 non-Alolan Vulpix. You get 2580 Pokédollars for winning.

Go to the left and go up the ramp, then go to the right through the grass to get TM79 Frost Breath.

Go back the way you came, and go east from the entrance of Poni Breaker Coast.

To the north, there is a geyser, with a green sparkle to the right of it. Go clockwise around the geyser to get the sparkle.

Go back below the geyser, then go east. Before you go east to the next area, go south and go clockwise around the hole to find a hidden Calcium on a small rock.

From there, go east and go up the path between the two stone statues to reach the Ruins of Hope.