Rocket Game Corner

The Rocket Game Corner is the suspicious-looking building in the middle of Celadon City. Will it lead you to Team Rocket?

Explore the Game Corner

In the Rocket Game Corner, there are vending machines in the northeast corner of the area, which you can use to get Soda Pop and Fresh Water.

There is a hidden Quick Candy XL between the two tables on the right, and a hidden Pinap Berry to the left of that. There is a hidden Nanab Berry to the left of the blue flowers nearby.

In the southwest corner of the area, there is a hidden Razz Berry.

There is a hidden Tough Candy in the middle aisle of arcade machines.

If you go to the left side of the Game Corner, you will find Jessie and James taking a break. During the cut scene, they say a clue about finding the Team Rocket hideout.

In the northwest corner of the area, there is a hidden Mighty Candy L.

To the right of the counter in the back of the room, there is a Team Rocket Grunt standing in front of a poster. Talk to that Grunt and you will battle Team Rocket Grunt, who has a level 29 Raticate. You get 812 Pokédollars for winning.

After the battle, check on the poster that was behind the Team Rocket Grunt. This will activate a hidden switch.

Then go to the northwest corner of the area and go into the door to enter the Team Rocket Hideout.