Beginning the Game

How to begin a game of Pokémon Let's Go Eevee and Let's Go Pikachu.


Choose a Control Scheme

When you first start the game, you will be asked to press a button on the controller you want to use.

After choosing a control scheme, you can Check Details to read about how the controls will work. Then press B to go back. If you want to use a different control scheme, first choose Back, then switch to the controller that you want to use, and press a button on it to continue.

When you are ready, choose Confirm to select the control scheme. You can change this during the game, and you will be asked to choose the control scheme each time you play.

Choose Your Language

After a brief intro video featuring your starter pokémon (Pikachu if you are playing Let's Go Pikachu, Eevee if you are playing Let's Go Eevee), you are prompted to choose your language. You can't change your language after you start the game.

Choose Your Appearance

After you choose your language, Professor Oak will introduce himself. You are prompted to choose your appearance. There are eight options.

Choose Your Name

Then you are asked to enter your name. In the English version, your name can be up to 12 characters long.

Choose Your Rival's Name

You can then enter your rival's name. His official name is Trace, but you can choose whatever name you wish. In the English version, his name can be up to 12 characters long.


After you have named your rival, you begin the game. Let's go!