Pallet Town

You begin your Pokémon Let's Go adventure in your hometown of Pallet Town.


Save the Game

Once you're in your room in Pallet Town, you can save the game and look at the menu. Press X to open the menu. From here, you can save the game, or you can press Y for more options. These options include linking your game to Pokémon GO, changing your controller settings, and changing other options such as Text Speed, Battle Effects, and so on.

Meet Professor Oak

When you're ready to proceed, approach the stairs. Your rival will come up and tell you that it's time to get your pokémon from Professor Oak, but you should check your computer to read the email that your rival sent you.

Go downstairs, talk to your Mom if you wish, then go outside. You can visit your rival's house next door. You can also go into the building in the southeast of the town, and go up and talk to your rival. Then go outside and go north, toward Professor Oak.

Catch a Pokémon

After a short cut scene, a pokémon will appear. If you are playing Let's Go Pikachu, it will be Pikachu, and if you are playing Let's Go Eevee, it will be Eevee. Follow the on screen instructions to throw a pokéball. Try to throw it inside the green circle.

After a cutscene, you will be in Professor Oak's lab. Check on the pokéball in the middle to find the pokémon that you caught. After a cut scene, you can give your pokémon a name.

Your rival will take one of the other pokémon. If you got Pikachu, your rival will get an Eevee. If you got Eevee, you will get Pikachu.

Your menu now gives you access to your bag and your party. You have 3000 Pokédollars and 50 Pokéballs to start with.

Get a Pokédex

Your pokémon will follow you around. You can check on your pokémon by talking to it. Walk toward the exit. Before you leave, Professor Oak will give you and your rival each a Pokédex. You can now view the pokédex from the menu.

Meet Mom

Go outside, and your Mom will give you a Town Map. You can find it in your bag and you can use it wherever you are.

Your next destination is Route 1.