XP Earning Tips

XP in Pocket Frogs allows you to level up, unlocking new frogs and getting level bonuses like coins, potions, and more. Here is a quick guide to help you speed up your XP earning.

How to get XP

You can earn XP the following ways.

  • Breeding frogs
  • Taming frogs
  • Earning awards

Frog Breeding: the fastest, but most expensive way to earn XP

If you get a hold of a rare breed of frog, then breed another of the same type, then breed those two together, you will earn XP equal to half of that type's maximum value every time that you breed them. This can lead to very fast XP gains, especially if you sell the unidentified eggs and breed more.

However, this method is very expensive, because with frog breeding, you have to spend one coin per XP that you earn. This can clean out your coins very quickly.

If you want to earn XP somewhat quickly without losing any money at all (in other words, your resulting frogs are always equal to or greater than the cost of breeding the frogs,) then find a frog whose max value is exactly 1/3 the max value of the other frog. It's especially good to find a high-level frog and pair it with a lower-level frog that has the same body color and pattern color but a lower-level pattern type. You won't earn XP as quickly, but you will not lose any coins as long as you sell the mature, happy frogs that result.

You can also try breeding frogs whose traits are all different, and as long as the possible result frogs don't have a lower max value than the lower-value parent frog, you will earn a profit while increasing your XP. This could be more profitable than the above method where the parent frogs share all but one trait, but it's harder to find good combinations. See profitable pairings.

Earning Awards: sometimes more cost-effective than breeding

Each award type gives you XP. The amount of time and effort that must go into earning these awards will depend on the availability of the frog patterns and colors that you need, but if you are careful with your breeding, you can in some cases spend far fewer coins than XP that you will earn when you win the award. As you get to the higher-level awards, however, you will probably have to spend more coins than XP that you will earn.

Frog Taming: A slow, but surefire way of earning XP

If you breed frogs by breeding a frog whose max value is exactly 1/3 the max value of the other frog that you breed it with, then it's possible that all of the resulting frogs will be profitable. Check profitable pairings for a list of frog breeding pairs that are always profitable. This way, you can get valuable frogs and make a profit while doing so. If you then tame the resulting frogs, you will earn XP equal to 1/10th the max value of the frog. This doesn't earn a huge amount of XP. Even the most valuable known frog in the catalog will only give you 1098 XP for taming it. But if you combine frog taming with frog breeding, it can be a nice bonus if you're already going to have a lot of new frogs all the time.