The Pond in Pocket Frogs

The pond is filled with water and lilypads. You can take a frog to the pond, and it will start out sitting on a lilypad. If you tap any nearby lilypad with your finger, the frog will hop to that lilypad. Also, if any dragonflies are on the frog's path to the lilypad that it is jumping to, the frog will automatically eat the dragonfly.


Getting your frog to eat dragonflies has many benefits. Dragonflies are required to tame your frogs. More dragonflies are required to tame the rarer frog varieties.

At the same time, dragonflies will reduce the amount of time required to get a frog to reach maturity. A baby frog can be matured much more quickly if you feed it plenty of dragonflies.

Also, dragonflies increase your frog's happiness. A happy frog can be sold for a higher price than a frog that isn't 100% happy.

Wild Frogs

Occasionally, as you hop from lilypad to lilypad, you will see a wild frog on a lilypad. If you can get your frog to jump onto the same lilypad as the wild frog, you will get the option to breed them together (but ONLY if your frog is tame and mature.) In most cases, the wild frog will hop away from the lilypad before your frog can jump there, but just keep trying, and eventually your frog will catch up.

But remember, never try to have your frog jump to a wild frog if your frog is not tame or not mature! When you jump onto a lilypad with another frog, that frog will jump into the water and swim away afterward. If you try to have an untamed or immature frog jump there, then you will be told that they can't breed, and the frog will swim away, and you will lose your chance. However, if you jump around near the wild frog, eating dragonflies, you will eventually get your frog to be tame and mature, and you will be able to breed with the wild frog at that point.

Gift Boxes

Sometimes, a lilypad will have a yellow or pink gift box on it. You can have your frog jump to that lilypad to collect the gift. Inside, you might find coins, stamps, potions, and even frogs and habitat decorations. Frogs and habitat decorations will be sent to your mailbox, but only if your mailbox is not full.

Pink gift boxes have more valuable gifts inside than yellow gift boxes.


You may sometimes see fireflies flying around in the pond. Your frog can't catch them by jumping. Instead, you need to tap on the firefly to catch it. You will get a random reward.