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Profitable Pairings

This page lists frog breeding combinations that always result in a profit.

Breeding Pairs that are Always Profitable

The following breeding pairs always result in frogs that are worth more than the breeding cost, so these combinations are always profitable. The frog combinations on this page give the highest profit that I have found so far.

  • Green Carota Puncti and Lime Viola Anura (average profit per result frog: 43.75 coins)
  • Golden Albeo Zebrae and Lime Bruna Velatus (average profit per result frog: 77.25 coins)
  • Marine Floris Partiri and Tangelo Cafea Tribus (average profit per result frog: 151.25 coins)
  • Marine Carota Viduo and Tangelo Folium Africanus (average profit per result frog: 289.75 coins)
  • Marine Aurum Stellata and Tangelo Bruna Partiri (average profit per result frog: 526.75 coins)

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