Profitable Pairings

This page lists frog breeding combinations that always result in a profit.

Breeding Pairs that are Always Profitable

The following breeding pairs always result in frogs that are worth more than the breeding cost, so these combinations are always profitable.

  • Glass Chroma Pompeius and Beige Chroma Pompeius
  • Green Carota Puncti and Lime Viola Anura (average profit per result frog: 43.75 coins)
  • Golden Albeo Zebrae and Lime Bruna Velatus (average profit per result frog: 77.25 coins)
  • Marine Floris Partiri and Tangelo Cafea Tribus (average profit per result frog: 151.25 coins)
  • Marine Carota Viduo and Tangelo Folium Africanus (average profit per result frog: 289.75 coins)
  • Marine Aurum Stellata and Tangelo Bruna Partiri (average profit per result frog: 526.75 coins)