How to get Chroma Frogs in Pocket Frogs

Chroma frogs are frogs whose pattern color is animated, slowly cycling through the entire color spectrum. Chroma frogs can't be found in the pond or in the frog mart.

How to Get Chroma Frogs

Breeding certain pairs of frogs may sometimes result in an unexpected Chroma frog. Below is a list of easy-to-obtain frogs that lead to Chroma results.

If you want to get a Glass frog, see the how to get a Glass frog page.

Combinations that Lead to a Chroma Frog

  • Red Carota Anura and Aqua Callaina Anura (Result: Red Chroma Anura instead of Red Callaina Anura)
  • Marine Picea Marinus and Marine Callaina Anura (Result: Marine Chroma Marinus instead of Marine Callaina Marinus)
  • Black Folium Velatus and Black Pruni Partiri (Result: Black Chroma Partiri instead of Black Folium Partiri)
  • Emerald Callaina Sol and Olive Viola Arbor (Result: Emerald Chroma Arbor instead of Emerald Viola Arbor)