Breeding Guide - How to Breed Frogs in Pocket Frogs

In Pocket Frogs, once you have tamed a frog, you can breed it with another tamed frog that is in the same habitat.

How to Breed Frogs

Step 1: Tame two Adult Frogs

To breed frogs in Pocket Frogs, you must first tame two adult frogs. To do that, you must take each frog to the pond and have it eat the number of flies that is displayed at the top of the screen. If your frog is not an adult, you can make it mature more quickly by giving it potions or taking it to the pond. When an immature frog eats a fly, it grows up a little.

Step 2: Put Both Frogs in the Same Habitat

For two frogs to breed, they both have to be in the same habitat. Use the arrow button on a frog's information screen to move it to a different habitat.

Step 3: Use the Breed Button and Choose a Frog to Breed With

Tap one of the frogs that you want to breed, then tap the heart button. The game will show you all of the frogs in the current habitat that are eligible to breed. In other words, it shows you all of the adult, mature frogs in that habitat except for the one whose information screen you are on. Choose one of the eligible frogs, then tap Breed to breed those two frogs together.

Frog Possibilities

When you choose two frogs to breed together, the game will show you all of the possible types of frogs that can result from that pairing.

The number of possible result frogs depends on the number of traits that the breeding frogs have in common. The traits that I am referring to are body color, pattern color, and pattern type.

  • Eight possible result frogs: All traits are different
  • Four possible result frogs: The breeding frogs have one trait in common
  • Two possible result frogs: The breeding frogs have two traits in common
  • One possible result frog: The breeding frogs are both the same type

The frog that you get when you press the breed button is randomly chosen from the possible frogs from the breeding pair.