How to Play Pocket Frogs

What is Pocket Frogs?

Pocket Frogs is a game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android that was created by Nimblebit. In the game, you collect different types of frogs, which you can store in habitats or take to the pond, where you can tame them, breed them with wild frogs, find items and increase your frog's happiness by leaping from lilypad to lilypad eating dragonflies.


There is no single goal in Pocket Frogs. Instead, the gameplay is pretty open-ended. There is a large list of Awards that will keep you busy for a long time. Each award has instructions, which in most cases involves collecting certain types of frogs in a habitat. This can take a long time because you must hop around the pond looking for new types of frogs to breed with in order to get the combinations necessary for the award. Each award has a huge XP reward, making it a great way to increase in level.

Increasing in Level

Breeding frogs and taming frogs are a couple of ways to increase your XP, which is listed in the top right corner. As you increase in level, you unlock new breeds of frogs that can appear in the pond. You also get a money reward when you increase in level.

Earning Coins

Coins enable you to buy catalogued frogs, buy new habitats, and do other tasks. To earn coins, you can sell frogs, or just hop around the pond to look for gift boxes. Pink boxes have better rewards than yellow boxes.

Selling Frogs

You can sell a frog at any time, but it's best if you maximize the frog's happiness before you do so, because a 100% happy frog can be sold for the maximum number of coins.


You have a nursery habitat where eggs from frog breeding will stay until they hatch. If the nursery is full, you can't breed frogs until you make more room.

Building Habitats

As you earn more coins, you can increase the number of habitats that you have. Each habitat can hold eight frogs. The frogs in a habitat can breed with each other, but they can't breed with frogs in a different habitat. You can also decorate habitats with different decorations that you can find in gift boxes at the pond. Decorations increase the happiness of the frogs who live in that habitat, which can help you maximize the happiness of your frogs more quickly so that you can sell them sooner.


You can keep a catalog of your frogs. Your catalog can only hold 50 different frog types, so it's not like the Pokédex in Pokémon. Instead, it's a tool that you can use to have permanent access to rare types of frogs, to help you complete the different awards in the game. You can spend coins to buy a frog type from the catalog at any time.

The Mailbox

When you find gift box frogs and gift box decorations in the pond, they are sent to your mailbox. You can only have eight things in your mailbox at a time, and the things in your mailbox aren't delivered right away. The only way to speed up delivery of a mailbox item is to use stamps, which you can find in the pond. Using the required number of stamps will make your item be delivered to you right away.