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Game Center and Pocket Frogs

With the release of Pocket Frogs 2.0 on November 1, 2012, Pocket Frogs no longer features Plus+ integration. Instead, you can perform frog trades and track achievements with Apple's Game Center.

Step 1: Log Into Game Center

Game Center is available on iOS 4.2 or greater. It requires an iPod touch second generation or later, or iPhone 3GS or later, or iPad.

Tap the Game Center app on your home screen to open it up. Sign in with your Apple ID. If you don't have an Apple ID, you can create one from this screen.

Step 2: Send Friend Requests to Other Pocket Frogs Players

You can find a list of Game Center nicknames on the Request a Frog page. To send a friend request, tap Requests at the bottom of the Game Center app screen (you must be signed in to see this). Then tap Add Friend and enter a Game Center nickname. When you send a request, you can send a message to let the other person know that you are a Pocket Frogs player.

P.S. My Game Center nickname is carolyncarolyn

Send Frogs

Once you have some Pocket Frogs friends on your Game Center friends list, you can trade frogs. To send a frog:

  1. Tame an adult frog.
  2. Tap the Gift button on the frog's information page
  3. Choose a friend from the list to send the frog to.

Send Gifts

If you want to send a habitat decoration as a gift, the decoration that you want to send has to be in one of your habitats. Drag the decoration. Three buttons will appear in the bottom half of the screen. Drag the decoration to the button with the gift box on it. Then choose a friend from the list to send the gift to.

Receiving Gifts from Game Center Friends

If a Game Center friend sends you a gift, you will see a notification while you are playing the game. You can choose to accept the frog or sell it.

Does the frog disappear if my mailbox is full?

No. If you tap Accept, the game will say that your mailbox is full. However, the frog will still be waiting to go to your mailbox. Just make some room in your mailbox, then wait for a while. Eventually the game will notify you about the gift frog again, and you will be able to accept the frog.

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