Tower of Thunder

After reuniting with Duster, Lucas and the others begin the search for the egg.

Backtrack for Shoes

Go north into the cave and talk to the mole to upgrade your equipment.

Go south the way you came. Go down the ladder and go west, then south into the Clayman Factory Grounds. Go south through the factory area and go west along the tracks until you reach Cross Road in Tazmily Village. Go north from there until you reach Osohe Castle. Go into the castle and go north to the room with three doors. Go west and up the stairs. Then go east and go through the door on the right. Go to the right and climb up the ladder, then use the rope snake to go to the left. Go west and then up the stairs. Go east and then south, then go east and use the rightmost door.

Lord Passion

Defeat Lord Passion to get the Mystical Footwear for Duster, which can only be obtained in this chapter.

Back to the Valley

After you defeat Lord Passion, check on the shoes, then check on the fireplace, then go east and south to leave the castle.

Go south to reach Cross Road, and go east along the tracks to reach the factory grounds. Go north through the factory area, then go east to reach the waterfall. Climb the ladder, and go north into the cave. Go north to reach the Unknown Valley.

Unknown Valley

Go north, then east. You will see a bunch of holes. If you want some treasures, you can fall into any of the holes except for the far southwest hole. From there, after exploring the northern part of the cave, you can go south to exit the cave and go back up to the holes. When you are ready to proceed, fall into the far southwest hole, then follow the path to exit the cave.

After the cutscene, go northeast. Follow the path, getting the Pork Chips next to a tree and the Secret Herb northwest of where you got the Pork Chips. Eventually you will reach a factory. Use the vending machines if you wish, then go inside.

After the cutscene, talk to the Pig Mask on the left to get a Secret Herb. Make your way through the factory, using the Instant Revitalizing Device along the way.

Outside, after the cutscene, you can save at the save frog below. If you stored any DCMC merchandise, get it from the Item Guy here. Then go west to follow the truck.

In the second tunnel, equip your DCMC merchandise, then go west.

Fearsome Pig Mask

If you have any DCMC items, use them on the Fearsome Pig Mask to disable him for several turns.

Look for the Clayman

After you defeat the Fearsome Pig Mask, get in the Pork Bean and go north, get the Highway Map, then go west from where you got the Highway Map. At the refueling station, get the Doggy Biscuit, but be sure not to use it, because you can trade it to get a better item later.

Go west to get a Gemini Bracelet and save the game, then go east to the refueling station. Go north from there.

After you get out of the tunnel, exit the Pork Bean and go up the hill on the east side of the area and talk to the mouse. Don't use the Pork Bean or it will run out of power. First, go southeast, then go south until you can't go farther south, and talk to the mouse standing by the billboard. Then go east until you reach the factory, and look for the mouse northeast of the tunnel entrance. Then go west until you can't go farther west, then go north into the tunnel, and go west when you can, to reach the recharge station. Keep going west and go to the northwest corner of the tunnel and talk to the mouse there. Then go back east to the refueling station and go north from there. Go north until you can't go farther north. Talk to the mouse in the north part of this screen. Then go east and look for the mouse on the bridge. Go east, then south to the Café area. Go east from there and into the cave. Go to the east side of this cave and talk to the mouse there. Then use the south exit from this cave and find the last mouse in the southeast corner of the room.

Then go north, then west until you reach the mother mouse. Talk to her to get the Shield Snatcher.

Get in the Pork Bean and go north from there until you can't go farther north. Talk to the dog in the northwest of the area and give him the Doggy Biscuit to get a Pencil Rocket. Be sure to use the recharger in this area to charge up the Pork Bean.

Then go east and follow the path to reach a Café. This area has no enemies. There is a robot on the recharging station, and you can play its minigame to get DP.

Go east into the cave, then south into another room. Talk to Leo-Leo until he allows you to open a present. Open any of them to get a Hand-Knit Sweater. Then go north to leave Leo's cave.

Go east, then go south down the ladder to find the Clayman that you were looking for. The Forlorn Junk Heap will attack.

After you win, there will be a cutscene. Go north into the tower.

Thunder Tower

There is a gift box to the left, and a vending machine, and an Instant Revitalizing Device. Go up the stairs and go through the door.

Go west and collect the treasure on the way. Then in the room with four consoles, go east to a room with two big orange things. Go south from there to get another item. Then go north, then west, then south.

Equip your DCMC stuff again and go through this room. The Fierce Pork Trooper is guarding the ladder. During the battle, use your DCMC stuff on him to disable him for several turns.

After the cutscene, make your way up the scaffolding, then go up the ladder at the top. In the playroom, use the vending machine to buy three Rubber Capes.

To fight an optional boss, try taking the yo-yo out of the display case.

When you have finished exploring the playroom, go up the ladder.

Continue going up the ladders, but stop at the Save Frog and equip the Rubber Capes. Go up the ladder, then go to the south exit.

Mr. Genetor

Don't use normal attacks against Mr. Genetor or he will counterattack.

After the battle, go up the ladder and approach the gun. A cutscene will occur, and the chapter will end.