The Suspicious Peddler

Just when Duster seems to have completed Wess's task, he disappears, and a new chapter begins.

Through the Desert

After the cutscene, check the barrel if you want to save.

Go southwest. In the next area, you can find some gift boxes to the west. You can also go to the northwest oasis and give Dung to the beetle to get some EXP.

When you are ready, go southeast. In the next area, when the path splits, you can go west to get a Luxury Banana, but Fassad will take it. Go southeast at the split. If you go all the way west, then north, you find an area full of dung. More dung will appear if you leave and come back.

Go south again, then go up the middle of the area, between two cacti. You can fight the Great Antlion to create a save point here. Use Bug Spray to kill it in one hit.

Go south, past the two cacti, then go up the path to the left. Before you talk to the wolf in front of the building, look for the nearby gift box. Heal Salsa's HP to prepare for the next battle.

Talk to the wolf to fight it. Salsa is weak, so just have him defend or use bombs.

After the wolf is gone, check on the door of the building.

Out of the Desert

Go south until you find the Pork Bean. Before you check on it, use the metal machine to the left of the door to heal up. Then go down the short ladder and get in the Pork Bean. Go west. Press B if you want to get out and fight enemies.

Go west until you reach a crossroads. Get out if you want to open the gift boxes and save the game here.

Then get back into the Pork Bean and go west. Go to the left and park the Pork Bean, then open the gift boxes, and then go up to the ladder in the back wall. Use a Running Bomb on the Gooey Goos, then go up the ladder to reach the Cemetery.

Fassad in Tazmily

Go south to reach the square. Go south and there will be a cutscene. Then go into the Yado Inn, which is the southeast building of the square. Talk to the person behind the counter, then go to the right and enter the middle room.

After Fassad leaves, go outside and go toward the center of the square. After the cutscene, go back into the middle room in the inn. The next day, go outside. In the square, talk to the people who raised their hands. After returning to the room in the inn, say Yes to agree with Fassad, then leave. You are free to explore for now.

Go to Cross Road and go east to access the gift boxes in the cave.

Go north to the cemetery to find the Happy Boxes. Check on one to start carrying it. Mapson is nearby and you can talk to him to have him mark your map with the delivery locations.

In the town square, go into the door to the left of the north exit and talk to the guy in the yellow hat to deliver the box. Then go back to the graveyard to get another box. Go down to Cross Road and go west from there, then go to the cabin in the woods and deliver the box to Isaac. Then go back to the graveyard to get another box. Go down to the square and go east, then go south to the next area, and deliver the box to Biff, who is standing outside.

Castle Crypt

Then go back into your room in the inn. Go north to Osohe Castle, go inside, and talk to the Pig Masks, then go south to try to leave the castle.

Go north to the hallway with three doors. Go through the rightmost door. Then go down the ladder to reach the cellar. Go south to the next room, then go east and check on each of the stone tablets on the wall, then go east and check on the door.

Go down the ladder and go east. When the path splits, go up the stairs to get some gift boxes, then go back to the stairs and go down this time, and go down the ladder. Go east from the ladder to get an item. Then go west and pull the lever.


After the cutscene, go east, then up the ladder, then west, then up the ladder, then exit south until you are out of the castle. Go south to start a cutscene. After that, go south to the town square.

After the cutscene, go to the window.

After the next cutscene, go west to the forest. Go north past Isaac's cabin, then go northwest toward the cliffs. When you encounter a tank, go south.

Pork Tank

Kumatora should use PK Thunder α. Salsa can use Ancient Bananas and bombs. Try to conserve Kumatora's PP by having Salsa use items to heal the party, instead of having Kumatora use Lifeup α.

After you defeat the Pork Tank, there will be a cutscene, and the next chapter will start.