All Things...

After Lucas pulls another needle, a Chauffeur takes you to New Pork City.

Chapter 8

When you leave the limo, the Chauffeur gives you a City Map.

New Pork City is a big place. Explore it if you wish. There is an Item Guy in Porky's Tower in the north middle of New Pork City. There is a vending machine to the left of Porky's Tower.

In the northwest of the city, you can spend 1 DP to play the Sanchez Brothers' slot machine. If they all face the same direction at the end, you win a prize. If they are all facing downward, you get a Magic Tart. If they are all facing upward, you get a Chick, which turns into a Chicken, which you can sell for 200 DP. If they are all facing left, you get a Big City Soda. If they are all facing right, you get a Bag of Pork Chips.

In the eastern area, there is a tree. A Pig Mask will sell bombs and other weapons to you.

When you are ready to move on, go into the theater in the southeast area. Go into the back room. You can watch what's on the screen in the back. If you have played EarthBound, the scenes will be familiar.

Talk to all the people in the theater, then check on the seats until you find the stink bug.

After the cutscene, go west from the theater and go into the arcade. Talk to the punk, and when he asks you to look, say Yes. Then climb down the ladder.


From the ladder, go south across the garbage. Then go east until you find some more garbage. Go north across it, then climb the nearby ladder. Go through the door and open the trash can on the left and the trash can in the middle to get a Magic Pudding and a Saltwater Gun. The trash can on the right is actually a Putrid Moldyman.

Leave the room, then go west. You can use the sauna if you wish. Then go down the ladder on the left, and go west until you find another ladder. Go up, then to the left, and you can buy things from the Mole Cricket if you wish. Then go through the nearby door.

Go up the stairs straight ahead. Then go to the left to find Boney. Check on Boney, then go west. Talk to Leder. Afterward, check on the stinkbug to take him with you.

Now go east through the apartments, down the stairs, down the second set of stairs, go east to the ladder and climb down, then go east to reach another ladder. Go up, then go east, then down the second ladder, then walk south across the trash, then go west until you can walk north across more trash. Then approach the ladder.

Miracle Fassad

Use three physical attacks to destroy Miracle Fassad's Shield. Kumatora should use Offense Down and Defense Down, then start using PK Starstorm. Lucas should use PK LOVE Ω. In the second phase of battle, have Lucas focus on healing, and otherwise use your strongest PK attacks.

After the battle, go up the ladder, leave the arcade, then go north. The escalator is blocked here, so go west to the other escalator, and go up. Then go east.

Optional: Porky Statue

Keep going east until you reach the statue of Porky. If you do not have a New Year's Eve Bomb, go down the ladder south of the statue and talk to the Pig Mask to buy one.

Then go up and check on the Porky statue repeatedly until you are asked a question. Say Yes.

The statue has 100,000,000 HP (no joke) but if you use a New Year's Eve Bomb, its HP will be reduced to 1, so you can just hit it once after that to destroy it. To kill it in one turn, have your fastest character throw the bomb and everyone else do a standard attack. Or you can try your luck with PK Flash, which has a chance of killing it. Afterward, talk to the man nearby to get Trivia Card 4.

Empire Porky Building

Go to the north middle of New Pork City to reach the tower, and go inside. Go west to the next room and check on the elevator, and choose Ride.

After the elevator stops, go east and through the double doors. After the cut scene, check on the wig and put it on.

Afterward, leave the theater and go to the elevator. Check on the elevator door and choose Ride.

Hippo Area

In the next area, get in the water and go east. Open the present to get a Super Bomb. Then go north in the water to the next area, and go up the ramp onto the grass. Defeat the Hippo Launcher, then go southwest on the grass and open the present to get the Ultimate Shoes. Then go north and through the door that the scientist went through earlier.

Go east, then get in the water and go west. Open the presents to get Grilled Chicken and a Cup of Lifenoodles. Then go north and check on the elevator door, and choose Ride.

Go east through this area and check on the door, then choose Ride.

Toilet Dungeon

Go west and you find a hallway of bathrooms. The rightmost men's room leads to a Pig Mask battle. Go through the middle door to get an Attack Attractor. Go through the far left door to reach the next hallway.

If you try to go through the far left men's room door, the sign attacks. After the battle, go through that door to get a Honey Shower. You can battle another Pig Mask in the rightmost men's room. Go through the leftmost women's room to reach the next hallway.

In this hallway of four doors, go through the leftmost door to reach the next hallway.

The Men's Room Sign in the middle will attack. You can go through the door that the sign was on to battle another Pig Mask, then open the present afterward to get a Red Collar. Then go through the rightmost women's room to reach the next hallway.

In this hallway, just go through the leftmost door to reach the next hallway.

You can check on the rightmost door, then go through it to find the Ultimate Chimera. Run out of the room immediately or it will be Game Over. When you are in the hallway, go through the women's room, then go south to return to the hallway. Then go through the rightmost door to get an Awesome Ring.

Now go through the women's room and follow the path to the next elevator. Check on the elevator and choose Ride.

Desert Area

Go east and you can enter the house to get six Luxury Bananas, and a Razor and Lipstick.

Go east from there and ride the elevator up.

Construction Area

Go east, then go through the door in the upper-right. From there, go west to the next room. Then go northwest to the next room. Now dash into the guy in the middle and then walk over him. If you want a Favorite Pizza, go north through the door. Otherwise go east. Dash into the guy on the right and walk over him. Then go through the door.

Go north up the ladders and check on the machine to form a bridge. Go across, then continue going east along the flat metal. When the path splits, use the northern path. When you reach the platform with an elevator on it, you can go south and then west to reach the present, which contains Angel Gloves.

Go east from the present, then go north and check on the elevator to go farther up.


Go east to reach a big room. If you want some items, go southeast to another big room. Follow the path until it splits, then go south to get a King Burger and Magic Cake. Then go north to the next room to get a Canine Weapon, the only equippable weapon for Boney.

Go south to the previous room, then west to the first big room. From there, go north to another big room. Go west to get a Super Bomb. Then go north, and when the path splits, go east to the next big room. Go south from there to get a Sagittarius Bracelet.

Now go north, then northeast to the next room. Go west to find the exit. Go north through the exit.

Game Show

Go up the stairs and go into the next room. Talk to the person, then follow him into the next room and talk to him. Then wait for the robot to hit the moles. The robot hits 10 moles. When it is your turn, hit 9 moles, then wait for the mole game to end.

Afterward, go through the door and go up the stairs to reach the next room. Talk to the guy and follow him into the next room. After the cutscene, try walking onto the bridge. When the race starts, walk toward the right, but let the robot win, then reach the finish line right after the robot wins.

After the cutscene, go through the door at the end, then go up the stairs and talk to the guy, and follow him into the next room. Go up to the balloon pump and check on it to start the game. Inflate your balloon to the largest size (about as tall as Lucas), then let the robot win.

After the cutscene, go through the door and go up the stairs. Eventually you encounter the NK Cyborg.

NK Cyborg

Have Kumatora use Defense Down, then Lucas should use Shield Ω and (if known) Refresh. Be sure to heal throughout the battle.

Long Hall

You can go back to the couch to heal and save, then come back here and go through the door. Dash northward until after a long time you reach a door. Go through.

Check on the boat and say Yes to get on. After the boat stops, go north to the next room. Check on the present to get the Pencil Eraser. Then go north to the next room.

Go north until a battle starts. You will have to fight many enemies, but eventually someone will come help you.

After the cutscene, talk to Flint and say Yes. Then go east and make your way downward. One of the ladders has a small object to the right of it. Check on it if you wish. Then keep going downard. Eventually, you will find a present that contains a hot spring. Then go north to reach a new area.

Cave of the Future

Make your way north. Eventually you will find Flint. Talk to him. If you keep talking to him over and over and over again, eventually he says some different things. And you can talk to him over and over again after that and he will say even more different things.

Go west from Flint to find a Real Bat.

Then continue going north until a cutscene occurs.


Attack with PK Ground and PK Thunder. Lucas should focus on healing, as well as boosting stats when Porky lowers them. Eventually, Porky gets into the Absolutely Safe Capsule. At this point, just do whatever you want for a couple of rounds, and the battle will end.

Afterward, go north until more cutscenes occur.

Masked Man

Don't worry about the others. Just keep healing Lucas to prevent him from dying. After many rounds of battle, the battle will end. Watch the cutscenes that follow.


When you see the black screen that says END?, try walking around. Keep walking until the credits roll. Congratulations!