Club Titiboo

Years have passed since the fateful events that forever changed Tazmily Village and Flint's family.

The New Tazmily

When Lucas wakes up, check on the mirror. Go outside and talk to Boney (the brown dog) and he will join you.

You can explore and find items around town.

When you are ready, go north from the square to reach the train station. Go onto the train platform to start a cutscene.

Go north to the cemetery, and go northeast to Hinawa's grave. Talk to Flint.

Go back to the town square to start a cutscene. Then go east to Wess's house and talk to Wess.

Talk to Mike in the retirement home to get 50 DP. Then check behind the retirement home to get Thunder Bombs like you did in the past. Give them to Boney.

There is a Pisces Bracelet hidden behind a Grated Yammonster in the forest.

To the Club

Go to the train station and go toward the east tunnel. After you get the Railway Map, go into the tunnel.

Go east until you are outside. Go up the ladder, get in the hot spring, and talk to the Magypsy.

After the cutscene, go down the ladder, then east into the tunnel.

Keep going east to reach another train station. Go north. You can optionally go northeast to find the ropeway to Club Titiboo. You will be turned away, but you can get the Local Area Map there.

Get a Job

Back in the factory area, go inside the factory building via the entrance on the south wall of the building. Go north toward the door to get a job at Corva.

Then go north, and go down the ladder. In the underground area, look for Claymen that look weak. Push them back to the Pig Mask next to the ladder and talk to the Pig Mask to send the Clayman upstairs. Push the Clayman down to the next room to recharge it. Then recharge two more Claymen to continue to the next part of the game.

After you have recharged three Claymen, go south and talk to the blue Pig Mask. Then go south to leave the factory, and go northeast to the ropeway. Go in and you will go up to Club Titiboo.

In the Club

Go west and north to reach the club. Go toward the entrance and there will be a cutscene.

When you are inside, don't go through the north door yet. Buy a DCMC Pamphlet and explore the club, then when you are ready, go through that north door.

Talk to everyone in the room, then try to leave. Say Yes to Boney. After the show, talk to the girl by the door to get a DCMC Pamphlet. Then go south, then east and talk to Kumatora. Follow her and go down the ladder in the next room.

In the cave, go south to get some items, then go north until you find another ladder. Go up.

Check on the door in the back wall, then say Yes to her.

In the Attic

After the cutscene, go up the ladder. Go to the right and buy stuff from the mouse. Go through the door on the left to get an Attic Guide. Then go back to the mouse room and go through the door on the right.

Go through the northwest door, then go east until you can't go any farther east. Go through the southeast door, then go west, and south.

Jealous Bass

Get rid of the Sobbing Guitar and Broken Drum to stop the enemies' combined attacks. Then kill Jealous Bass.

Stone, Sheet, Clippers

After the enemies are gone, fall down the hole, then talk to Lucky/Duster.

Use Sheet against Shimmy and Magic, use Stone against Baccio and Lucky, and use Clippers against OJ.

Afterward, leave the room.

Go east, then south, then west. You can use the vending machine in the lobby. Then try to go south to exit the club. After the cutscene, the chapter ends.