Night of the Funeral

Tazmily Village has been peaceful up to now, but the Pig Mask Army comes along to ruin everything.

Forest Fire

Open the door and answer Thomas's question however you wish. Then check the doghouse to get a Stick. Equip it.

Go north. In the town square, talk to the guy on the bench to get the Town Map.

Go north from the square, then west at the Cross Road.

You will pass by a sanctuary. You can go inside and talk to Jonel to pray.

Near the forest, talk to Mike repeatedly to get several Nut Cookies.

Don't touch flames in the forest because they will hurt you.

In the area where you talked to Mike, go north, then west to find a cabin. There is a hot spring west of the cabin that you can sit in to heal up.

Go north and talk to the guy who is lying on the ground. Take the nearby piece of wood and equip it. Go north. Defeat the Fireflies that attack.

Go north to the burning cabin and dash at the door to break it down. Inside, fight the Flying Mouse. Flint can use Power Smash to try to kill it in one hit.

Afterward, go upstairs. Dash through the obstacles, then talk to the boy. Then go back toward the village.

Look for Family

When you're back in control, go outside. Then go south to your house and check on the pigeon in front of the door to read the letter from Hinawa.

Talk to your dog and he will join you.

Go north to the forest again. After going north past the cabin, go west to an area that was inaccessible before. Go north and talk to the dark-haired guy (Bronson). Go northwest and talk to Jonel. Go south. A new character will be introduced (default name: Duster).

After Duster staples the wall, go up the wall, then go to the right and check on the tree. You can get some items from the cave to the east. Then leave the cave and go north.

When fighting the Reconstructed Caribou, Duster should use Wall Staple to try to paralyze it.

Go north, then after the flying thing disappears, go south until a brief cut scene occurs. Then go northeast until you are reunited with the kids. Talk to them. Then go north, and when Bronson arrives, talk to him.


Check the table, and check the door once or twice. After the cutscene, check the apple, then eat it. Then check the door and use the nail file. Go outside.

Go east to the square, then go north until you reach the cemetery. From the cemetery, go northeast. Then talk to Alec, who is standing next to Lucas.

Search for Claus

Go back to the town square and go into the house to the left of Thomas's Bazaar. Talk to Bronson to get the Drago Fang.

You can go east from the square and go into the northernmost house and talk to Wess to get a Thunder Bomb. There is another Thunder Bomb in a hidden box behind Wess's house. If you go north to the Cross Road and back to Wess's house, you can get another Thunder Bomb from the box behind Wess's house. You can keep doing this to get infinite Thunder Bombs.

Go west from the square and find Lighter southwest of the Sherrif's Office. Talk to him to get a Manly Bandana.

There is a chance that Thomas's Bazaar will be selling the Better Stick. If it is available, you should buy and equip it.

Go north from the square, then west at the Cross Road.

Continue along the path to reach the forest. Go north from the cabin, then west, then north to the cliffs. Then go northeast. When you reach the wooden bridge, go northeast. Then go northwest to reach Alec's house. Go in and talk to Alec.

Go outside and talk to the red arrow lizard. Go south from it, then follow the other red arrow lizards that you see along your way. At the river, talk to the frogs. Use the frogs to cross the river, then go east. You can talk to the cow if you want Fresh Milk, but it eventually turns into Rotten Milk, so you should only get the milk if you will use it soon. Rest in the hot spring if needed, then go north into the shell house.

Talk to everyone in the house, then leave and go behind the house and into the cave.

Go west, go up the second north path, fall into the hole, go east and south, then south, then west, then up the vine at the end, then go north and climb up the three vines.

Go north and enter the next cave. Go east and climb the ladders. After the cut scene, use the metal machine to heal up. Then go back down the ladders and use the southeast exit.

Outside, go east and cross the bridge, then go east to find a Sprinting Bomb. Go back across the bridge and go north. When you see another bridge, go northwest instead to find Fresh Lumber. Equip it. Then go north from there. Don't cross any bridges. Eventually, a boss battle will begin.


Use the Drago Fang, and keep your HP above 40.