The Seven Needles

After retrieving the Egg of Light, you destroy Thunder Tower before getting separated again.

Chapter 6

Go to the left. After some cutscenes, the chapter will end.

Chapter 7

Talk to Alec and Wess, then leave the room. After a cutscene, go south to leave the retirement home. Go down the hill, then go west to the bridge. Talk to Ionia, who is tied up.

The Long Way

If you take the long way through the forest to Aeolia's house, you can get items along the way. If you wish to do this, then go west to the Tazmily town square. You can talk to Mapson to have him mark Aeolia's house on your map. If you would rather take the short route, then skip ahead to "The Short Way" below.

To continue from the Tazmily square, go north, then west from the train station. Follow the path north and check beside the cabin to get Beef Jerky. Go north to the forest, then go west, then north, checking the sides of the path for items. Go north to the cliffs. Then go east and follow the path to the frogs who will let you cross the river. Go across and then go east to Aeolia's house.

The Short Way

Otherwise, go south from the bridge and talk to the boat guys to take the boat to Aeolia's house.

Meeting with Aeolia

Talk to Aeolia. Afterward, talk to Ionia. Then take Aeolia's Memento from the chair. This item will automatically revive the character holding it if he or she faints. Then the Memento will disappear.

Go to the Needle

Go down the new ladder. The path here is straightforward, so just continue making your way south, and climb up the ladder at the end.

In the courtyard, go south. There will be a cutscene. Afterward, check on the phone to the right of where the needle was.

Go to the Chimera Lab

After the cutscene, talk to Ionia. Then go to the right and go down the ladder. Follow the path, then in the next room, go left from the door. Go up the ladder. Go south through the exit, then go left, then north through the door, then north and up the ladder. From the kitchen, go southwest and through the door, then go south through the door, and finally south to reach the courtyard.

Go south to the cemetery, then there will be a cutscene and you will get a Courage Badge.

Go south to the Cross Road and go south toward the square. You will get a phone call. Go onto the train platform and talk to the guy in uniform. You can say no to the green train so you won't have to pay as much.

After the train ride, go north until you reach the Ropeway, then go west until you find a building with a Pig Mask at the door. Talk to the Pig Mask.

From the lobby, go east into the theater, and go on stage and go east. Check the open locker to get Pig Mask uniforms. Go south to the next room, then go southwest to go upstairs. Go west to the next room and look in the southwest corner to find a gift box containing the lab map. Then go north to the next room.

After the Pig Mask talks to you, go west until you reach the fossil room, then go north until you reach the brain room. Go to the left side of the room and you will find the monkeys. Afterward, go south and you will have to fight the Almost-Mecha Lion.

At this point, when you explore the lab, you might encounter the Ultimate Chimera, which is red with a yellow bird on its head. Go into the nearest door to escape, because if the Ultimate Chimera fights you, you can't win, and will get a Game Over.

Go east to leave the fossil room, then go south down the first stairs, then go west to the next room.

Go through the upper-left door, then go southeast twice, and go to the right side of the room to find the monkeys. Go back the way you came, and you will find the monkeys. Then go east and you will see Dr. Andonuts in a trash can. Keep going east and there will be a cutscene.

Go east from the Chimera Lab, then in the next area, go north. You will find a stone tablet with the Osohe Dance on it. After Salsa opens it, go north and enter the shell house.

After the cutscene, leave the house and talk to Doria. Afterward, go south, then west to the Chimera Lab, and talk to Dr. Andonuts. Then check on the Chimera on the right.

After the cutscene, go down and pull the needle.

After that cutscene, go south, then southeast. You will have to fight The Squeekz.

After you defeat The Squeekz, go southeast. A Mole Cricket will bump into you and take you to its hole. Climb down.

Mole Cricket Hole

Follow the path, then turn right, and go up when you can. Talk to the Mole Cricket. After some dialogue, you will have to fight. However, it is a very easy fight. Just use a standard attack on him and he will be defeated.

Afterward, you can talk to the Lotus Roots and the Mole Crickets will come and eat them.

If you ever get lost, just remember that if the path splits, you should turn (in other words, don't keep going straight).

Go southeast from the Elder Mole Cricket, talk to the Lotus Root to get rid of it, and go down the vine.

For the quickest way out, go north, then west. When you reach a crossroads, go to the right and go down the lower of the two vines.

Then when the path splits, go north, then go east, and at the next junction, go east, and east, then north to the vine up above.

From there, just follow the path to leave the cave.

Snowcap Mountain

Go northwest, then north. Eventually the Mole Cricket will appear. Go north and talk to Lydia. Go into Lydia's house and talk to Lydia. Then go through the back door.

Steel Mechorilla

After the cutscene, you need to fight the Steel Mechorilla. Start by using PK Flash. Only use PK Thunder twice. If you use it more than that, the Steel Mechorilla will become stronger.

After the battle, go back toward Lydia's house.

After the cutscene, go north and walk up to the edge, then say Yes when asked if you want to leave Snowcap Mountain.

In the graveyard, check on the bouncing jar to open a secret passage. Go down the ladder, then go east and get on the coffee table. Go east, then when you can't go farther east, go north.

When you reach the highway, go east. Then when you are outside where the refueling station is, go north. When you are outside, go northeast to the construction area and get off of the coffee table. Go up the hill and go into the east tunnel. Go east until you are in the area where you found the Clayman with the Egg of Light, then keep going south and east until you reach Saturn Valley.

Saturn Valley

Go into the house northeast of the pond to find Duster. You will have to fight the Pigmask Majors and Frightbot.

After the battle and the cutscene, go northeast into the cave. Follow the path until you are outside. Go up the ladder near the hot spring, then go west and follow the path. Talk to the Mr. Saturn who has his back turned toward you.

Gova Volcano

After you climb up the Mr. Saturns and wall staples, go north, then northeast and into the shell house. Talk to Phrygia, who is in the bed.

Leave the house, go north, and check on the boulder. Then go north and check on the bottom-right rock, then the upper-right rock, then the bottom-left rock, then the rock on the left.

Go north and you will find some Pig Masks. After you beat them, go north and enter the cave.

In the cave, go north at the first split, then go east, then go north to reach the needle.

After the battle with New Fassad, there will be a cutscene. After that, go south to return to Saturn Valley. Try to go into the town, and a Pig Mask will blow up the exit. Go to the exit and check on the cave-in, then go into the house northeast of the pond (where Duster was tied up before) and talk to the Mr. Saturn in the middle. Then go back toward the exit and slowly approach a bird, then talk to it when you are close enough. Go back to the totem pole house and talk to the Mr. Saturn in the middle. Say yes to coffee.

Now go outside and go into the northeast cave, follow the path, and get into the hot spring. Talk to the Mr. Saturn in the spring. Afterward, go back down to Saturn Valley and check on the bird cage.

After the cutscene, check on the water and say Yes to dive in.

Cerulean Seafloor

The blue gauge on the bottom-left shows your oxygen level. Be sure to use the oxygen robots to avoid running out of air. If you run out, you will wash up on the beach where you started.

Go south, and if you want a Virgo Bracelet, go down the ladder and follow the path to get it.

Go back the way you came, then from the ladder, go south, then southeast to the next area. Refill your oxygen, then if you want some more items, go north, then southwest.

Afterward, go back the way you came, going southeast to return to the oxygen robot that you used earlier. Go south from there, then in the next area, go southeast, and at the next split, go southwest.

Continue going south, and explore the areas down the ladders if you want some items.

Otherwise, keep going south and you will fight Master Eddy.

Tanetane Island

After the battle, you wash up on Tanetane Island. Don't fight the Zombieshroom. Instead, check on the bright purple mushrooms to eat them. Then go east. When the path splits, go east.

Go into the shell house and talk to Mixolydia. Then talk to Ocho to get your stuff back.

You can explore the island now, but when you are ready, go east from Mixolydia's house. Go into the cave. Follow the path until you reach the needle. You will have to fight the Barrier Trio.

Barrier Trio

Have Kumatora always use Defense Down on every turn. If available, use PSI Shield Ω. Also use PSI Counter. Duster can use the Tickle Stick. Boney should first use the Shield Snatcher, then throw bombs. Their current weakness depends on which member of the trio called out a pose last time (Barrier Man = they're weak to Fire, Barrier Gal = they're weak to Freeze, Barrier Dude = they're weak to Thunder). Or you can have Boney sniff them to find out what they are currently weak to.

After the battle, you can find Magic Butterflies in Mixolydia's house. Then go back through the island, to the beach where you first arrived on Tanetane Island, and talk to Ocho to return to Tazmily.

Tazmily Revisited

Go east to the square, then north to the Cross Road area, then west. Go past the temple and go north into the forest. Take the west path and go north to the cliffs. Go northwest, then after you stumble, check on each spark, then talk to Lucas to have him identify what you found. After you find the Jar of Yummy Pickles, go north.

You can go west to the hot spring. Then go north from the hot spring sign and enter the cave at the end of the path.

Outland Dungeon

Go north and up the ladder, then if you want some items, go west. Otherwise, go east. From here, you can go north for more items. Otherwise, go south, and follow the path to the exit.

Argilla Sanctuary

Go east and north and into the shell house. Give Ionia the jar of pickles. Then go outside, and go west, then north. You will have to fight some Pig Masks, then the Masked Man. Afterward, go into the temple and check the needle.

After the cutscene, check on the needle again, and choose to pull it.

After another cutscene, you will be asked if you want to save the game.

After that, you will be asked to go into the limo. The Chauffeur won't take no for an answer, so say Yes.

In the limo, you can look around at the different things inside, save the game with the save frog and talk to the Chauffeur. When you are ready to move on, check on the passenger seat beside the Chauffeur and choose to sit in it. Soon, the next chapter begins.