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Pokémon-Amie is a minigame in Pokémon X and Y that allows you to feed, pet, and play with your pokémon to increase friendship. If you have strong friendship with your pokémon, they are more likely to avoid attacks and land critical hits. If you are close with your pokémon, it may even earn boosted EXP in battle.

Open Pokémon-Amie

To open Pokémon-Amie, tap the arrow in the top right of the touch screen or press the R button. The Pokémon-Amie title screen will appear.

Watch the Slideshow

Before you play Pokémon-Amie for the first time, tap the Play button. There is a brief slideshow that explains how to play Pokémon-Amie. This slideshow will only be shown once.

Pet Your Pokémon

By default, you will play with your starter pokémon. Read the next section to learn how to switch to a different pokémon.

Your pokémon will be on the touchscreen. Tap your pokémon to make the icons appear. You can drag your stylus on the pokémon to pet it. If you pet it for a while, the pokémon will make a sound of happiness. However, be sure to pay attention to your pokémon's facial expression while you pet it. If you are petting the wrong area, the pokémon will look unhappy and shake its head.

Feed Your Pokémon

While in the play screen, you can tap the Poké Puff icon in the top left to show the Poké Puffs that you have with you. Drag the stylus left and right to scroll through all of the Poké Puffs that you have. Drag a Poké Puff to the lower area and then hold it in front of your pokémon's mouth to feed it to your pokémon. This makes your pokémon happy.

Play Games With Your Pokémon

Tap the musical note icon in the top right to choose a game to play with your pokémon. There is Berry Picker, Head It, and Tile Puzzle. With each game, at first you can only pick the Easy difficulty leve, but higher levels of difficulty are unlocked the more you play. When you win, you receive more Poké Puffs.

Berry Picker

In Berry Picker, some of your pokémon will appear in the lower screen. Each one is thinking about a specific type of berry. Drag the correct berry off of the tree and onto the pokémon that is thinking about that berry. You get more points the more quickly you drag the berry to the pokémon. As the timer goes down, the hungry pokémon appear more quickly.

Head It

Balls of yarn fall from above, and you have to tap your pokémon to make it jump up and make the ball of yarn bounce back up. Tap your pokémon before the ball of yarn goes past the star in front of the pokémon. As the timer goes down, more of your pokémon appear, requiring you to tap different pokémon depending on where the ball of yarn is falling. At the very end, a giant ball of yarn falls. You get a bonus if you make your pokémon bounce the big ball of yarn at the end.

Tile Puzzle

To play, tap two tiles to switch their positions. The picture is animated while you swap the tiles, so be sure to look for tiles that have borders and corners that don't change. Also, the touch screen shows stars and there is a sparkle sound when you have put a tile into the correct position. When you successfully complete the picture, you get Poké Puffs.

Make Faces

If you are in a well-lit room, your Pokémon may be able to see you through the 3DS camera. If your pokémon can see your face, a yellow happy face icon will appear in the lower left. While this icon is on the screen, try imitating the facial expression that your pokémon has. If you match the facial expression, you start a minigame of making faces at your pokémon. To improve the chances of your face being recognized, take off your glasses if possible, don't wear headphones or a hat or other head coverings if possible, and make sure your ears are visible if possible.

During the minigame you'll be asked to show certain facial expressions, such as opening your mouth, smiling, winking, or making a kissy face. If your pokémon sees that you are making the correct facial expression, it will be happy and you'll be asked to make a new facial expression. After making several faces successfully, the minigame will end and your pokémon will have increased happiness.

Switch the Pokémon to Play With

By default, the pokémon that you will play with in Pokémon-Amie is your starter pokémon. If you wish to play with a different pokémon, tap the Switch button on the right. You will be shown all of the pokémon that are currently in your party. The pokémon that you are currently playing with will have a heart next to its icon. The touchscreen shows how happy that pokémon is right now. Tap a different pokémon to switch the one that you are going to play with.


Tap the Decorate button on the left of the main Pokémon-Amie screen to decorate your pokémon's play area. You can add Interior items by tapping the bottom left button and dragging an item to the desired location. You can put Poké Puffs in the play area by tapping the Poké Puffs button on the bottom right.

You can get more decorations as rewards for playing with your pokémon a lot and becoming closer friends with your pokémon.

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