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Trading Sequence

Throughout the game, you must trade items with people and animals on Koholint Island to progress through the story. This page lists all of the steps in the trading sequence.

Yoshi Doll

Requirements: Sword, 10 Rupees

The first item in the trading quest is the Yoshi Doll, which you can get from the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. The Trendy Game building is southeast from Marin and Tarin's house. You can enter the Trendy Game as soon as you get your sword from Toronbo Shores.

In the Trendy Game, pay 10 rupees to play, then hold B until the claw is in line with the Yoshi Doll, then hold A until the shadow of the claw is at the base of the Yoshi Doll. Let go of the A button and the claw will go down and grab the Yoshi Doll.


After you get the Yoshi Doll, go to the house in the north part of Mabe Village and talk to the woman. Agree to give her the Yoshi Doll.

Dog Food

In Mabe Village, go into the dog house near the Chain Chomp (BowWow). Talk to the small Chomp and give her the Ribbon.


Go to Toronbo Shores and go into the house that is surrounded by banana trees. Give the dog food to Sale the crocodile. He gives you Bananas.


Requirements: Power Bracelet

After you get the Power Bracelet from Bottle Grotto (the second dungeon), you can go to Kanalet Castle. East of the castle entrance, you find a monkey. Give it the Bananas and it will build a bridge with its monkey friends. Walk up the bridge and you will get a Stick.


Requirements: Complete Key Cavern (the third dungeon)

After you have gotten the Siren Instrument from Key Cavern, go east from Mabe Village and follow the path through the eastern forest. You will find Tarin looking at a beehive. Give Tarin the stick and he will knock down the beehive. After Tarin and the bees go away, collect the Honeycomb from the ground.


Go to the Animal Village, which is in the southeastern part of Koholint Island. Go into the southeast house of the Animal Village to find a bear. Give him the Honeycomb to get a Pineapple.


Go east from the entrance to Bottle Grotto in Goponga Swamp. Go past the first set of stairs and go up the second. Lift a rock to go into the cave. Go to the east side of the cave and push the first rock upward into the hole, then hit the northern crystal with your sword. There is a rock that was next to the crystal that you just broke. Push that rock to the right, then push the one below you down. Go down the stairs.

Go through this cave, being careful to avoid the green Zols hiding in the floor. Go up the stairs at the end, then go east. Use the Pegasus Boots to dash through the crystals to the east. In the next room, go outside.

Go east, then walk east in the shallow water to reach a cave. Go into the cave. Go through the cave, avoiding the green Zols that are hiding in the floor. Go up the stairs in the second room. Ignore the chest up above, because it contains a green Zol. Go south until you're outside. Go southwest to find Papahl. Talk to him and agree to give him the pineapple. He gives you a Hibiscus.


Go back to Animal Village and look for a goat in a northeast house. Give her the Hibiscus and she will give you a letter.


Go to Mr. Write's house, which is north of the Mysterious Forest. Give him the Letter to get a Broom.

Fishing Hook

Find the old woman in front of Ulrira's house in Mabe Village. If she is not there, look for her in the house next to the goat's house in the Animal Village. Give her the broom and she will give you the Fishing Hook.


Requirements: Flippers

Swim to the southeast part of Martha's Bay and swim under the bridge there by swimming next to it and pressing B to dive. You will find a fisherman on a boat. Jump onto the boat and give the fisherman the fishing hook. He gives you the necklace.


Swim to the mermaid northwest of Catfish's Maw. Give her the necklace and she gives you a Scale.

Magnifying Lens

Requirements: Hookshot

Go to the screen just before the Animal Village, and go south. When you can't go any farther south, go west. Use the hookshot on the rock across the water to go across. Go north and west from there and check on the mermaid statue to put the scale onto it. It will move, revealing stairs. Go down. In the underground area, go north and get the Magnifying Lens.


Requirements: Bombs

Go to Toronbo Shores and find the cracked wall south of the monkey that is throwing coconuts. Bomb the wall and go inside. You will find a Goriya behind a table. Talk to it and agree to trade whatever is in your B button (you can always get the item back later; the shovel is a popular choice). You will get the Boomerang, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It can cut through bushes instantly, and it can instantly kill some enemies.

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