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Master Ore Locations

The Hyrule Blacksmith can upgrade the Master Sword if you bring him two chunks of Master Ore. After that, the Lorule Blacksmith can upgrade the sword again if you bring him two chunks of Master Ore. This page explains how to find all four chunks of Master Ore.

List of Locations

There are four total chunks of Master Ore. They can all be found in the following locations of Lorule.

  • Thieves' Hideout - When you are escaping with the Thief Girl in the Thieves' Hideout dungeon, you'll reach a southwest room in B3 where there are two switches in the southwest part of the room. Make the girl stand on one of the switches, and talk to her to get her to stay there. Then stand on the other switch to make a big section of the wall go away. Run up and get the rupees along the way, then open the big chest at the end to get Master Ore.
  • Lorule Sanctuary - To get this chunk of Master Ore, you need the Titan's Mitt, which you get from the Desert Palace. Go into the Hyrule Sanctuary and go up to the north wall. There is now a warp fissure there. Go into it and you will come out in the Lorule Sanctuary. Go outside and go east to the graveyard. Go to the northeast corner of the graveyard and lift the boulder to reveal stairs. Go down them and make your way through the cave to reach the big chest, which contains a chunk of Master Ore.
  • Dark Palace - The Master Ore is hidden in the small room north of the large central room of Dark Palace 2F. There appears to be no door into this room, but the south wall will flip around if you hit the southernmost crystal switch in the large central room of 2F. Put a bomb next to that southern crystal switch, then run up and use the upper crystal switch to lower the platform, then stand on it and hit the crystal switch again to go up to the walkway. Go up and merge with the wall before the bomb goes off, and you'll be flipped into the small room. Open the big chest to get the Master Ore.
  • Skull Woods - There is a chunk of Master Ore in the Skull Woods dungeon in northwest Lorule. Read the Skull Woods page if you are having trouble finding the dungeon entrance. In the dungeon, you eventually reach a room where you have to put two eyeballs into two statues. In this room, when you fall down to where the second eyeball is, you can reach the big chest that contains the Master Ore before you get the second eyeball.

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