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Beginning the Game

This page guides you through the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Start a Game File

To start playing, press A at the title screen, then choose one of the empty game file slots. Your character is automatically named Link (finally!) but you can choose Rename to give your character a different name if you wish.

Wake Up

You have a bad dream, then Gulley wakes you up when he knocks on the door. He comes in after a moment. When Gulley tells you to wake up, press a button to sit up. When Gulley goes outside, you should, too. But first, you can pick up the pots in the corner and throw them by pressing A. You might get some rupees. And look in the bottom right corner to see Majora's Mask if you want. Then go outside.

Gulley says you have to go to the blacksmith's shop, but first you need to check in at the weather vane. Go up to the weather vane and press A to save the game. The weather vane will be added to your map so you can find it again later.

Now go west to follow Gulley. You'll see him run northwest, so follow him that way. You can jump down the cliff to get there more quickly. In the next screen, go west. You'll see Gulley to the northwest, in front of the blacksmith's house. You can pick up and throw the bushes if you want to. You might get rupees. Then go to the door of the blacksmith's house and press A to open it.

Meet the Blacksmith

Inside, you'll see the captain of the guards getting a shield from the blacksmith. After some dialogue, the captain leaves.

The blacksmith's wife notices that the captain left his sword behind, so now it's up to you to follow the captain and give him the sword.

Return the Captain's Sword

Go up to the table and press A to pick up the sword. The blacksmith says that the captain went to Hyrule Castle. The blacksmith marks it on your map.

Go outside and use the southeast exit, then go east and then north up the bridge. Talk to the guard there. The guard says that the captain was going to stop by the sanctuary. The guard mentions the outbreak of vandalism on the walls of the castle.

The guard says to go west on the stone path for a shortcut to the Sanctuary. The guard marks the Sanctuary on the map. On the way, you can talk to the other guards to hear about the vandalism, which, strangely, won't come off no matter how much they scrub.

Follow the path around the west side of the castle, and exit west when you can. From there, go north, then east. Go through the gate in the stone wall and go north. Use the weather vane to the left to save the game, then continue north to reach the Sanctuary.

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