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Ice Ruins

Located in the northeast part of Death Mountain, the Ice Ruins dungeon contains one of the kidnapped Sages.

Required Items

You need to have the Fire Rod to complete this dungeon.

Ice Ruins 1F

Use the Fire Rod to melt the big block of ice in your way. Then go north and pull on the statue's tongue. The platforms below will begin to rotate. You can use the rotating platforms to reach a gold rupee in this room. Stand on a platform on the right side before it comes all the way up, then walk southwest from it to go under the ledge. Check the area below you to open the chest that contains the gold rupee.

Now stand on a moving platform to go to the lower level.

You can't really do anything on B1 yet, so keep riding the platform down to B2.

Ice Ruins B2

Use the Fire Rod to melt the icicle that the key is sitting on. Take the key. Now ride the platform down to the floor below.

Ice Ruins B3

There are two chests down below. The left one contains one rupee, but it makes a bunch of ice wizzrobes appear. The one on the right contains a potion ingredient.

Ride the platform down as far as it will go. You'll reach B5, where you can open the big chest to get the Big Key.

Now go back up to B1.

Ice Ruins B1

Go north and unlock the door.

Pull down the tongue on the leftmost statue. This opens the door, but be careful: it also awakens the ice statue on the right. When you go near it, the statue will walk toward you. It moves up and down quickly, but it is slow when moving side-to-side. Kill it with the fire rod, then go through the east door.

Get rid of the penguin monsters, then use the Fire Rod to light the four torches. The torches go out after a moment, so you have to light them quickly. Stand next to a row of torches to light both at the same time. When you light the torches, a key falls, but you can't reach it yet. Go through the south door.

Open the chest in this room to get the compass. Then go up the slope to reach the narrow walkway. Go north on the narrow walkway to the previous room. Go up to the wall and merge with it, then go south along the wall to go around to where the key is. Pop out and take the key, then go back to the room where you got the compass. Go up and unlock the southwest door.

Merge with the east wall if you want a blue rupee. Open the chest in the northeast corner to get it. Then merge with the west wall and go north to reach a statue. Pull its tongue to make the platform in the floor go down to a lower level. Fall down there.

Ice Ruins B2, part 2

Go through the east door. If you need a fairy, melt the icicle on the east wall, then go north up the stairs and merge with the wall to reach the fairies to the right.

Use the fire rod on the icicle to the south. Step on the switch that you revealed. You can go through the southwest door for a shortcut back to the entrance if you want to go out and save. Then come back here and go through the northwest door.

Fall down the hole.

Ice Ruins B4

Throw a bomb between the crystal switches in the northwest. This makes a chest appear in the northeast. Open it to get a silver rupee. Then take the southwest path to the next area.

Stand on the rotating chunk of ice. Equip your lamp and use it to light the torch in the middle (if you use your fire rod instead, you'll melt the floating chunk of ice). Go southeast and walk east to the next area to find a chest. It contains a potion ingredient.

Go back to the previous area and go up and ride the moving platform that you activated by lighting the torch. Go south and get on the moving platform that comes to the walkway that you are on. You can fall down at the bottom left to reach the chest on the floor beneath you that you couldn't reach from down there. It contains a purple rupee.

Go back to the area that you fell from in order to reach the aforementioned purple rupee. Ride the next platform to the east, where there is a closed door. You can open that door by standing on the bottom right corner of the southeast moving platform, then use the fire rod when the platform is moving west. The flame should hit the platform that you are on and touch the torch up above, opening the door. Go up and ride the platform above that. Go through the door there.

Use the fire rod to melt the ice to the right, then throw a bomb down at the crystal switch to make a moving platform appear. Go south through the door, then go along the west walkway to reach the moving platform below. Go west from that platform to reach the walkway at the far west side of this area. Go north from there.

Go north, then walk across the moving platform to reach the east door. Go through. Merge with the wall to reach the moving platform to the north.

Ice Ruins B2, part 3

Go up and kill the red Eyegore. Go south and kill another one. Break the skulls and step on the switch that was hidden under one of them. The east door will open. Go through it.

Pull the statue's tongue to make the floor open up. Fall down to that lower area and open the big chest to get a Stamina Scroll. This gives you a longer energy gauge, so you can merge with walls for a longer time and use your rented weapons longer as well.

Fall down from the ledge and go to the moving platform. Ride it up to the upper floor. Now that you have a bigger energy gauge, you can merge with the wall here and go north. You will reach a door in the north wall. Go through it. Open the chest there to get a silver rupee.

Go back up to B2 and go to the north middle room. Fall down the hole and go north to the statue. Pull its tongue to make the floor go down. Fall down there.

Ice Ruins B3, part 2

In this area, when you try to leave, some penguin monsters attack, including a huge one. Don't let the big one corner you. After you defeat them all, the doors will open, and a green portal will appear. Use the green portal to go outside and save, then come back here.

Go through the west door. Get rid of the red monsters, then slowly go across the ice chunks to reach the statue. Pull its tongue to make the floor move. Go back to the room with the green portal. Go through the east door.

Go east and get past the ice statues, then use the fire rod to light the torch on the raised path. Go south through the door that opened. Step on the switch to the left to open a door. Merge with the raised platform that has a tongue statue and go east, then south, to reach the ledge below. Go to the southwest area and you will see a chest below. Fall into the hole to reach the chest. Open it to get a key. Go west and step on the switch to add a couple of new walkways. Go up and ride the moving platform up to B2.

Go to the locked room in the northeast. Use the fire rod here to melt the block of ice down below. Fall down into the air flow that you revealed. You will be pushed south onto the ledge with the tongue statue. Pull the tongue. A floor to the north will be lowered.

Drop down from this ledge and merge with the wall to go through the north door. Fall down the new hole in the floor.

Ice Ruins B4, part 2

Melt the small ice chunks in the northeast corner, then go past where they were. Along the path, there is a wizzrobe and a bomb monster. Kill those using the fire rod, then walk along the ice chunks to the south. There is a small ice chunk blocking the way to the south, so use your lamp to melt it. Keep going south along more ice chunks, and when you are standing on one of the chunks that is diagonal from the torch, use the fire rod to light the torch. This adds a walkway. Go to the new walkway and go north. Pull the tongue to make the floor come over to here. Go north past that floor and step on the switch to complete the walkway. Then go southwest into the big door using the big key. Fall into the hole.


Dharkstare will float around the room. It might stop for a moment and create a triangular purple area. This means that it is about to freeze everything in that triangle, so run out of the way. Use the fire rod on Dharkstare to make its ice get smaller. Eventually the ice disappears and Dharkstare bounces around the floor. Hit it with your sword while it bounces around.

Eventually it refreezes, and it adds more lights around itself. These lights will create two triangles, where everything in the triangles will be frozen. Dharkstare also moves more quickly. Melt its ice as before, and hit it with the sword when the ice has melted. Repeat this until Dharkstare dies.

Take the heart container, then go up and touch the painting of Rosso.

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