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House of Gales

Sahasrahla said that one of the pendants is in the House of Gales. Once you have Zora's Flippers, you can go there.

Get Ready

Before you can reach the House of Gales, you need Zora's Flippers. To get inside, you need the Tornado Rod. You might also want to meet Irene, who lets you warp to any Weather Vane you have used.

Meet Irene

You can meet Irene by going north from the Fortune Teller that is north of Kakariko Village. She will give you a bell that you can use to summon her. She'll take you to any Weather Vane you have used before.

Get the Tornado Rod

Go to your house, where Ravio has put a bunch of items on display. You can rent the Tornado Rod there. Ravio is even giving a special discount on the rental fee for it today.

Get Zora's Flippers

Go to the Witch's House. It's north of the Eastern Palace area. Go east from the Witch's House. The Zora standing there says that the bridge is out. You can merge with the wall to reach the northeast area. Do that, and keep going north to reach Zora's Domain.

Go to the northeast area and you will find the Shady Guy running out of the waterfall door. He rushes off and then you hear a shout from Zora's Domain that something is wrong with the queen. Apparently the Shady Guy stole the Smooth Gem that keeps the Zora Queen's power contained. If she doesn't get it back, she will keep getting bigger.

Go to Kakariko Village. You discover that the smooth stone is for sale by the merchant sitting outside on the blue rug. Buy the smooth stone for 200 rupees.

Go back to Zora's Domain and go up to the queen's pond. Agree to throw in the gem. The queen, Oren, goes back to normal. She gives you the Zora's Flippers. Now you can swim! Press A to dive underwater for a short time, and press B to swim more quickly.

Go to the House of Gales

The House of Gales is in southeast Hyrule. Jump into the water in that area and swim to the island in the center. Climb up and use the Tornado Rod while standing between the two stone pillars that have the Tornado Rod symbol on them. The stone tiles on the ground will fly away, revealing a switch. Step on it to open the House of Gales.

House of Gales 1F

In the first room, break the pots to reveal a switch. Step on it to make the fans blow. Use the Tornado Rod while standing under the air flowing from the fans. Go through the north exit.

In the north part of this next room, there are two torches. You can light them with the lamp to make a chest appear. It contains a red rupee.

To the right of the south entrance of this room, there is a crystal switch down below. Fall into the pit and hit the crystal switch. Now exit this area through the north door. Go back to the south entrance of this room and merge with the wall to reach the southeast exit.

In this room, the door locks behind you, and three anti-fairies attack. Use the Tornado Rod near them to blow out their flames. You can hit them with your sword when the flames around them are gone. Hit the bouncing skulls until they die. When the monsters are gone, a chest appears that contains a small key. There is a recovery heart in the north wall as well as the south wall.

Go back to the big room, then go to the northeast room. The fans are blowing, preventing you from reaching the chest. Go to the south part of the room and hit the crystal switch to stop the fans. The chest contains Monster Guts.

Go back to the big room again. Merge with the south wall and go south. Now use your key in the southwest door.

Merge with the moving platform to reach the chest up above. It contains the Compass.

Now merge with the wall that has rupees on it. Go to the northeast area, then when the moving platform comes over, merge with it to reach the far ledge. Pop out and go south, up some stairs, to the moving platform. Step on it to go north, then step on the next moving platform to reach a switch. This makes a fan blow to the south.

Use the exit that is next to the switch that you stepped on. Go south and step on the switch there. This activates a fan in the south wall. Now shoot an arrow at the crystal switch to the right. This activates the large center fan.

Stand under the air flow and use the Tornado Rod to be blown over to the northern platform. Merge with the west wall and go north to reach the northwest door. Go in. You can get some rupees from the pots by walking along the railing (or just use the boomerang). Go to the southwest exit. In the next room, merge with the wall and go south to reach a chest that contains a silver rupee.

Go back to the big room. Fall onto the big fan. You'll be sent up to the second floor.

House of Gales 2F

Go south and use the Tornado Rod when the spiky thing is rolling toward you. This way, the spiky thing will roll under you so you can safely go south. Go down the stairs and break the pots to reveal a switch. Step on it to make a key appear. It's not possible to get the key right now, so just use the southeast exit of the room.

Go north, up the stairs, and through the door. Merge with the south wall to walk to the railing with the key. Take the key, then merge with the wall again and go north. Go back through the east door.

In this room, go south and through the southern door. Pull the switch on the right. If you pull the wrong one, flames appear. You can get rid of them temporarily by using the Tornado Rod while standing next to them. When you pull the correct switch, the big chest appears. It contains the Big Key. After you get the key, flames appear, so use the Tornado Rod to get rid of them. Go back through the east door, then return to the big room.

Go to the south wall of the big room and unlock the south door.

Drop down to the lower area. Don't pull the switch on the right or the one next to it. Go to the left side and pull the switch near the flames. This makes the upper platform start moving. Use the Tornado Rod while the platform is moving toward you. If you time it correctly, you'll land on the moving platform.

Go toward the locked door on the left. Don't pull the switch, because it just makes monsters appear. Merge with the wall to the left of that door, then go west to reach a platform with a switch. Step on it. A key falls into the circle of flames. Go back over to the circle of flames and use the Tornado Rod to get rid of the flames. Get the key, then use the Tornado Rod to fly above the moving platform. Unlock the door.

In this room, two fiery monsters appear. Use the Tornado Rod to put out their internal fires, then hit them with your sword. They start running quickly when their flames are put out, so beware. When they are defeated, a green portal appears, and the northeast door opens. Use the portal if you want to quickly go outside and save or get supplies. When you're ready, use the northeast exit in the green portal room on 2F.

Go down the stairs in this room, then go through the door to the west.

Step on the second switch, then go up to the west switch and step on that. After that, step on the north switch to reach the northeast exit. Go through.

Go up the stairs to the east, then follow the path to a switch. Step on it to stop the fans from blowing. You can drop down and walk west in the wall to reach the middle of the room. Go south up the stairs, then east, then take the north path to reach the northeast door. Go through.

Go to the northwest corner of this room and shoot an arrow diagonally at the crystal switch. This makes the fan start blowing. Drop down to the lower area to the east. The Eyegore will wake up and start running after you. It's only vulnerable to arrows. Step on the switch down here to make a platform start moving. Use the Tornado Rod to get onto it. Then go south to reach the big fan. Fall onto it to be sent up to the third floor.

House of Gales 3F

Go south and merge with the wall to get past the southern fan. Go up the stairs and through the door.

An Eyegore will wake up and come after you. Kill it with an arrow, then use your lamp to light the two torches. Go through the door that opened.

A bunch of anti-fairies will appear down below. Go down there and use your Tornado Rod to get rid of their flames, then kill them with your sword. You could also knock them into the hole when their flames are gone. Afterward, a chest appears. Go through the northeast door.

Merge with the wall to go to the east side of the room, then go through the east door.

Open the chest at the top of the stairs to get a key. Go south and use the southwest door. Go past the locked door and use the west door, then open the chest to get a purple rupee.

Now go east and then go through the locked door to the north. Stand on the moving platform and wait for it to go north. Use the Tornado Rod when the platforms move again, allowing you to land on the upper platform. Unlock the big door.


Drop down to the lower level. A big metallic spinning monster, called Margomill, appears. Use the Tornado Rod to fly onto the top of Margomill. Hit the eyeball repeatedly. Eventually, Margomill adds a couple of discs, becoming too tall for you to fly on top of. Hit Margomill with your sword to get rid of the two lower discs. When they are gone, the eye reappears. Use the Tornado Rod to get on top of Margomill and hit the eye again. After that, Margomill adds even more discs. Repeat the process until Margomill is defeated. Pick up the Heart Container and then take the Pendant of Wisdom.

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