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Heart Piece Locations

This page lists all of the Pieces of Heart that can be found in Hyrule and Lorule.

Pieces of Heart

  1. After you get the Power Gloves, you can pick up the rocks in northwest Kakariko Village and drop into the well to get the Piece of Heart at the top. Or you can use a cucco to float into that well.
  2. Play the Cucco Game south of Kakariko until you complete the Rooster level.
  3. In the sewers that lead to the Sanctuary, there is a piece of heart that you can reach after you can merge with walls.
  4. Go to the Blacksmith's house and merge with the east wall. You can walk behind the house, pop out and go north to get a Piece of Heart.
  5. There is a piece of heart that you can see in the northwest woods. You can only get to it by merging with the wall north of that piece of heart.
  6. Using Zora's Flippers, get in the water south of Zora's Domain and go south down the waterfall. In the cave behind the waterfall, you find a piece of heart.
  7. There is a piece of heart to the right of Hyrule Castle. You can reach it after you get the Power Glove.
  8. There's a hidden cave entrance between two large statues in the screen south and east from your house. Use a bomb there and go into the cave, then find the western exit from this cave to reach a Piece of Heart.
  9. You can get a Piece of Heart by going to the Tower of Hera and going west to Spectacle Rock (the volcano). Merge with Spectacle Rock, then go to the south middle and pop out of the wall. You fall down to a cave entrance. Go north through it to get the Piece of Heart.
  10. After you can reach Lorule, go to Kakariko in Hyrule and use the warp fissure behind Sahasrahla's house. You end up near a building north of Thieves' Town in Lorule. Merge with the wall to reach the Piece of Heart next to this building.
  11. There is a Piece of Heart on the house in Lorule where Rosso's house would be in Hyrule. Go south of that house and go up the ladder to the cliff. Go north and pick up the bird, then go to the north part of the cliff, jump off the far left side, and float down to the piece of heart.
  12. In the cave on the cliff overlooking the graveyard, east of the Sanctuary. Go to the Lorule Graveyard (there is a warp fissure in the Hyrule Sanctuary) then go up the ladder in the back of the Lorule Graveyard. Bomb the crack and go through the warp fissure, then go into the cave to get the piece of heart.
  13. In a cave in the Eastern Palace area. You need to bomb the cave open and merge with the wall to reach the piece of heart.
  14. South of the Eastern Palace, inside of a fence of wooden posts. Use the hammer to pound them down and reach the piece of heart.
  15. In Rosso's Ore Mine, which is accessible from Death Mountain. When you reach the platform where two Lynels are walking around, merge with the west wall and go west to where there is a moving platform. Pop out, then use the hammer on the moles to reach the Piece of Heart.
  16. Complete the Racing Bros' race twice.
  17. You can get a piece of heart from Fortune's Choice in Thieves' Town.
  18. In the Dark Palace area on a narrow railing guarded by soldiers.
  19. The Stylish Woman gives it to you. Go to Thieves' Town in Lorule and use the crack in the broken house in the center of town. Pop out and walk past the clothes, then go up to the Stylish Woman to get the piece of heart.
  20. Next to Turtle Rock, accessible from the dungeon.
  21. Go through Rosso's Ore Mine to reach the warp fissure in the southeast area of Death Mountain. After reaching Lorule, go into the cave to the east. Go through the cave until you reach the large ice statue. Go west from there. Use the Tornado Rod to proceed. When you get back outside, use the warp fissure to go to Hyrule, where you can get the piece of heart.
  22. In Misery Mire, accessible by using the Sand Rod to reach the northern warp fissure in the Desert Palace area.
  23. In the cave below the Blacksmith's House in Hyrule. You need the Titan's Mitt to access it.
  24. Get a high score in Hyrule's Rupee Rush.
  25. Get a high score in Lorule's Rupee Rush.
  26. Get 100 points in Octoball Derby. You can get rupees during the game if you hit three pots in a row then hit the bird that appears.
  27. In the cave east of the Swamp Palace that is blocked by a huge cracked rock. Use a Bomb Flower to break the rock.
  28. Complete the intermediate level of Treacherous Tower, which is where the Tower of Hera is in Hyrule.

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