Shoda Sah Shrine Guide: Impeccable Timing

A guide on how to find and complete the Shoda Sah shrine and solve the "Impeccable Timing" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

Go to Shai Utoh Shrine and go north to the road, then go east across Floria Bridge. After you cross the bridge, go north through Ebara Forest, then equip the Zora Armor and swim up Floria Falls.Then go northeast and swim up the waterfall there. Land to the west of Rodai Lake, then make your way north to the next waterfall. The shrine is hidden behind the waterfall that comes from Riola Spring.

How to Solve the Shrine

Take one of the orange orbs and put it on the launcher to the right of where you entered. When the moving target is positioned near the middle, hit the crystal switch to launch the orb onto the target. if it falls in the water, use Cryonis to raise the orb, and from there you can just throw it into the target. This will make a treasure chest get launched to the ledge where you entered the shrine. Open it to get ice arrows.

Then go to the other launcher and put an orange orb on it, and launch it so it doesn't hit the two moving platforms blocking the target. You can use Stasis on one of the moving platforms to make it easier. Or you can just use Cryonis on the water and throw the orb from there. When the orb goes into the target hole, a treasure chest will be launched to your side. Open it to get a small key. Use the small key to open the way to Shoda Sah.