Qukah Nata Shrine Guide: Qukah Nata's Blessing

A guide on how to find and complete the Qukah Nata shrine.

How to Find the Shrine

Go to Shai Utoh Shrine and go north to the road, then go east across Floria Bridge. After you cross the bridge, go north through Ebara Forest, then equip the Zora Armor and swim up Floria Falls. Then go northeast and swim up the waterfall there. Land to the east of Rodai Lake, then go southeast and float to the water at the base of another waterfall. Swim up this waterfall to reach Calora Lake. Land to the left of the waterfall.

Go clockwise around the edge of Calora Lake and talk to Kass the Bard to start the shrine quest.

Climb on top of the cracked mound that is west of Kass. Drop a metal weapon onto it, then run away (but not too far away) and wait for lightning to hit the weapon. The cracked mound will be destroyed, revealing the shrine.

About the Shrine

The chest in the shrine contains Rubber Tights.