Jee Noh Shrine Guide: On the Move

A guide on how to find and complete the Jee Noh shrine and solve the "On the Move" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

You might want to activate Central Tower before looking for this shrine. From the Rota Ooh Shrine, go east on the road, then go south when the path splits. Then when you reach the canyon area, look to the left to see this shrine.

How to Solve the Shrine

Use an arrow to shoot an orb off of the conveyor belt so it falls into the orange target beyond the conveyor belt. If the orb falls off into the pit instead, just wait, and another one will reappear after a while. When the orb goes into the bowl, the gate will open. Go through.

The conveyor belt in this room has two Guardian Scouts on it, so shoot them with arrows, or do a Perfect Guard by raising your shield with ZL and pressing A just before their energy blasts hit you. Then shoot the orb off of the conveyor belt with an arrow to knock it into the orange bowl beyond. Then go through the gate that opens.

In the next area, use Magnesis to get the treasure chest that is on the distant conveyor belt. It contains an opal.

Then look next to the door that you came through. There is an orb there. You need to carry this orb along the conveyor belt to the other end of the room, but there are some lasers blocking the path. The first laser will be temporarily stopped when a block rolls past on the distant conveyor belt. You can use Stasis to freeze the conveyor belt under the blocks while they are in front of the laser, or you can just use Stasis on the laser turret to stop it temporarily.

Either way, carry the orb past the first laser, then go to the left onto the small ledge. Put the orb down, then use Stasis on the laser that is pointing the other way. Run past with the orb, then run in place on the conveyor belt until a large block stops the next laser. Then run past and go to the far end of the room and put the orb into the orange target, then go through the gate that opens.

Go up the stairs to reach Jee Noh and get the Spirit Orb.