Welcome, Yo-Kai!

After creating your character, you start the game.

Summer Project

Eddie shows you his bug collection. Bear says he was the one who caught most of the bugs, though. Then Bear asks about your bug collection, since you're supposed to collect bugs for your summer project, but you say that you haven't started yet. After some joking around, Bear and Eddie say that they can help you with your collection.

Then you go home and get your Bug Net. You decide to look for bugs in the park, but you want to tell your Mom before you go.

The game explains the controls. Use the Circle Pad to move, and hold the B button if you want to run.

Now go downstars. There is a pin in the map to show you where your Mom is. Go to your Mom and talk to her. You tell your Mom that you're going to the park, and your Mom reminds you to write in your diary. The game explains how: tap Menu in the touch screen, then tap Diary.

When you're ready, go outside.

Search for Rare Bugs

The map shows where the park is by pointing a red arrow in that direction, so go where the red arrow is pointing. If the crosswalk has a red light, press the crosswalk button and wait for it to turn green, then cross.

Look for a tree in the park that has an exclamation mark on it. Check on that tree and you will look at it more closely. Drag the stylus on the touch screen to move the lens until it is on top of the bug. Tap the touch screen to try to catch the bug. An arrow will spin around the circle. If it lines up with a mark when it stops spinning, you will catch the bug. Otherwise, the bug will get away. If this happens, press B to go back, then check on the tree again. Try tapping the touch screen when the arrow is lined up with a mark. The arrow will stop near the same place.

There are three trees in the park. After you catch a bug from each tree, you will see that you didn't catch any rare bugs, so you decide to ask the school janitor where to look for rare bugs.

Follow the red arrow to find the janitor. He tells you to check Mount Wildwood, and he gives you three Black Syrup.

Wild Mount Wildwood

Mount Wildwood is north of the school. You think that the rare bugs would be past the sanctuary. Follow the path and you will soon find the sanctuary. There are some people and cats there that you can talk to.

Follow the path to the right of the sanctuary and you will discover that the path is closed.

Afterward, you should try catching bugs from the trees here. You can find Brown Cicadas.

After you catch some, the gate will magically disappear. You decide to go through to look for more bugs.

Follow the path through the gate and there will be a cutscene. You discover a giant tree with what looks like a capsule toy machine at the bottom. A voice tells you to feed the machine, so you put in a coin and turn the dial. A capsule comes out and you open it, then a Yo-kai named Whisper pops out.

You're not sure what a Yo-kai is, but he's almost 200 years old, and a monk thought he was an evil spirit and sealed him away.

When you tell him that you're looking for bugs, he says you should look for Yo-kai instead, and he gives you the Yo-kai Watch. It will let you search for Yo-kai.

Yo-kai Watch!

The watch reacts, and Whisper says that there must be a Yo-kai in a tree nearby.

You can press up on the + Control Pad to open the radar. The radar will go closer to red (on the right) the closer you are to a Yo-kai, and it also shows the rank of the Yo-kai that you are close to.

The radar is already open, so you don't need to press up to open it this time. Walk to the upper-right of the area to find a tree with an exclamation mark on it. Check on it.

You don't see anything, but Whisper says that you need to use the Yo-kai Lens to see Yo-kai.

Drag the stylus on the touch screen to move the lens around. When the lens sees a Yo-kai, the meter will start to increase. Keep moving the lens around to follow the Yo-kai. When the meter is full, the Yo-kai will appear.

Hello There, Mr. Yo-kai!

The Yo-kai in this tree is Buhu. Talk to it. It seems upset that you disturbed it, so you have to get ready to do battle. Whisper says that your other Yo-kai can fight for you, but you say that you don't have any. But suddenly one of the cicadas that you caught starts to glow, and it turns out to secretly be a Yo-kai in disguise. It is called Cadin.

Cadin gives you a Yo-kai Medal, and you officially become friends. You can give Cadin a nickname. When you go to the nickname entry page, there is also a button at the bottom that says Random. Tap it to see some random nicknames (e.g. Runaway, Buzz, etc.)

Your first battle begins. If you don't do anything, your Yo-kai will automatically fight. You can also tap Soultimate, then tap a Yo-kai, if you want to use a Yo-kai's special attack. You will have to do an action on the touch screen to charge up the attack, such as tapping targets, or tracing shapes, or drawing circles with the stylus.

When you are ready to start the fight, tap FIGHT! Then you can either watch the battle, or tap Soultimate, then tap Cadin to charge up his special attack (which makes the battle end much sooner).

After the battle, you get experience points, which makes Cadin level up. You also get some money and an item.

Befriending Yo-kai

After that, Buhu gives you a medal. Then Whisper gives you the Yo-kai Medallium, where you can keep all of your medals. The last pages of the Medallium are the Legend pages. You also will get a surprise if you fill all eight spots on a page of the Medallium.

In a cutscene, Whisper explains that there are Yo-kai hidden all over the place.

After the cutscene, the Yo-kai Cam is unlocked. You can use Yo-kai Cam by going back to the title screen. After the Yo-kai Cam is unlocked, you will be asked to save the game.

Next, you go home, starting the next chapter: Enter Jibanyan.