The Ring in the Pond

After you upgrade your Yo-kai Watch to Rank D at Timers & More, you decide to help Bear find his Mom's ring with the help of Yo-kai.

Lost in Catfish Pond

The next day, you see a cutscene where it turns out that Bear lost his mother's ring, and his father angrily tells him to go find it.

Then there is another cutscene where you hear that people have been catching huge fish at Catfish Pond with shiny bait. Bear arrives, and you find out that he tried using his Mom's ring to catch the King of Catfish Pond, but he dropped the ring in the pond. Now it sounds like his Mom is thinking of leaving!

You and Whisper discuss the problem, and you mention that you have heard of Yo-kai called kappa that are supposed to live in rivers. Whisper thinks it's a good idea to look for it.

Where's a Kappa?

Go west to the river in Uptown Springdale. You find someone saying that she saw a flying plate. You think that it might actually be the bald spot of a kappa that was too weak to hide. Whisper suggests searching the riverbank.

Go south to find a big flower. Your radar will show a question mark. Use the lens on the flower to make Walkappa appear. He's so hungry that he can't catch any fish to eat. He gives you a Fishing Rod so you can catch some fish for him. He asks for three Carp, and says that they can be found in this river.

Walkappa's Request

Go north to where there are some vending machines. There is a fishing spot at the river here, so check on the river where you see the magnifying glass symbol. Then use the lens to tap on a fish. Then tap the touch screen when the arrow is lined up with a mark. It's just like catching bugs. If you miss any, just go back and check on the river again to make more fish appear.

When you have three carp, go give them to the kappa. He gives you his medal.

Find the Ring!

If you have any lightning Yo-kai, put them in your party, because they are very helpful in the next battle.

Now go to Mount Wildwood and visit Catfish Pond. It's northwest of the shrine. You find Bear there. Walkappa jumps into the water and finds the ring after a lot of splashing around. But the splashing causes SV Snaggerjag to attack.

SV Snaggerjag

SV Snaggerjag doesn't have a specific weak spot. You can just attack him to do damage. However, he can use the "Takin' it All" move, where he uses his hook to pull a fish out of the water to help him. He can pull up a green fish called Meditatum, which can heal SV Snaggerjag, or he can pull up a red fish called Grumpus, which will attack your Yo-kai, or a blue fish called Shuter, which can use water attacks on your Yo-kai. If you don't get rid of at least one fish, SV Snaggerjag will eventually do his Soultimate Move "A Fisher's Life," where a huge fish will come out and attack everyone in the front row. You should try to kill at least one fish. Try attacking the red or blue fish first, since the green fish can't attack your Yo-kai.

King of Catfish Pond?!

Afterward, SV Snaggerjag tells you not to splash around in the pond or you will scare away the fish. Walkappa gives you the Special Ring.

A Valued Ring...?

Go back to Uptown Springdale and there will be an automatic scene where Bear's Mom appears to be leaving! But it turns out that she's just going to her class reunion. Not only that, but the ring that Bear lost in the pond was actually a cheap thing from a vending machine, and she always wears her real engagement ring.

The next day, your father leaves to go to an important all-day meeting. But a Yo-kai inspirits him, causing him to forget some important papers at the station. This starts the chapter What Dad Forgot.