Beginning the Game

This page walks you through the beginning of Yo-Kai Watch.


When you first open the game, there is a cutscene. You can skip it by pressing any button.

Start a New Game

If you haven't started a new game yet, touch the New Game button to start a new game.

Choose one of the three Diary slots for your new game, then press A or tap Select to begin.

Create Your Character

Next, you will create your character. First, choose Boy or Girl. Then give your character a name. The official English name for the boy is Nate, and for the girl is Katie. Tap Select when you are done entering the name.

The game will ask you if the gender and name are correct. If so, tap Yes. Otherwise, tap No to go back and change them.


After you create your character, a couple of messages appear on the screen. Tap the touch screen or press a button to go to the next message. Then you will start the game. Welcome to the world of Yo-Kai!