How to Purify Your Inspirited Yo-kai

During the battle, enemy Yo-kai might inspirit your Yo-kai, causing harmful effects. This page explains how to purify your Yo-kai quickly so that they can return to battle as soon as possible.

Rotate the Inspirited Yo-kai to the Back

Before you can purify your Yo-kai, you have to rotate your inspirited Yo-kai to the back row. Then you can tap Purify and choose the inspirited Yo-kai. There are several different ways to purify an inspirited Yo-kai, depending on what is shown in the touch screen.

Tap the Glass

When you choose Purify, sometimes you will see your Yo-kai trapped behind glass. You have to break the glass by tapping it. The glass always has a weak spot! Tap on different places on the glass until you see a bright blue flash. Keep tapping that spot and you will break it much more quickly!

Rub the Smog

Sometimes when you choose Purify, your Yo-kai will be hidden behind a purple smog. You have to rub the smog to get rid of it. The smog is made of small puffs of smog, so when most of the smog is gone, be sure to focus on rubbing each small puff of smog one at a time.


Sometimes your Yo-kai will be hidden behind a spiral. Use your stylus to spin the spiral in either direction until it goes away.

Super Lucky

Sometimes, your inspirited Yo-kai is just behind a glowing light, and you can just tap the touch screen to instantly purify it.