Ramen Roundup

This page explains how to solve the quest "Ramen Roundup" in Yo-kai Watch.

Start the Quest

Talk to the reporter near Sunshine Station in Blossom Heights to start the quest.

Time for a ramen poll!

Talk to people around the station who have blue flags over their heads. They will tell you their ramen preferences. (You don't have to write them down or anything).

Tell the reporter!

Talk to the reporter. Whisper will recommend befriending Chansin.

Time for Chansin!

If you don't have a Chansin medal, you can go to Shopper's Row and look under blue vending machines, cars, and apartment doors to try to find Chansin. His favorite food is fish.

Quest Complete

When you have a Chansin medal, go back and talk to the reporter to complete the quest.

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