Hungry Lulu

This page explains how to solve the quest "Hungry Lulu" in Yo-kai Watch.

Start the Quest

Your classmate Lulu is standing outside of the Everymart in Uptown Springdale.

Find the hidden Yo-kai!

Lulu got extremely hungry when she arrived at the convenience store, so check the area for Yo-kai. You find Hungramps nearby. He wants a Plum Rice Ball.

Get a Plum Rice Ball!

You can get Plum Rice Balls at the Everymart if you don't have one. Give a Plum Rice Ball to Hungramps.

Get a Soul Tea!

Next, Hungramps asks for a Soul Tea. You can get these from some vending machines. After you give it to him, he decides to stop making everyone hungry.

Is Lulu OK?

Talk to Lulu to complete the quest.

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