Wela Volcano Park

After exploring the bay in Route 7, you continue to Kiawe's Island Trial in Wela Volcano Park.

Explore the Volcano

Use Tauros to break the rock behind the sign at the entrance and check the area under the rock to find a Totem Sticker.

Go west through the grass, then go north and up the ramp there. Go south to find a Hyper Potion.

Go west through this patch of grass, then go up the ramp and you can battle Sightseer Mariah. She has a level 19 Meowth. You get 1140 Pokédollars for winning.

Continue along the path and you find a cave. Go in and talk to the Trial Guide on the right to heal your pokémon.

Go to the left to find an Antidote next to the other Trial Guide.

Go west down some one-way ledges to find a Float Stone.

Continue going down the one-way ledges, then go into the cave at the end to reach another area of the volcano.

Nearby, you can battle Ace Trainer Jim. He has a level 20 Noibat and a level 21 Kadabra. You get 1428 Pokédollars for winning.

Go south from there and look for a ramp to the east. Go down that ramp and then go north to get TM39 Rock Tomb.

There is a Poké Finder spot near where you found the TM.

Go south along this ledge and you can battle Hiker Calhoun. He has a level 19 Roggenrola. You get 608 Pokédollars for winning.

Go up the nearby ramp, then go west. Go down the one-way ledges and you will find a Burn Heal.

Go down the next ledge and you will be back in the first part of the volcano. Go north through the cave door to find the two Trial Guides again. Talk to the Trial Guide on the right to heal your pokémon again.

Go north through the Captain's barrier to enter the Totem's Den.

Totem's Den

Go north toward Kiawe. He will ask if you are ready to start the trial. If so, Kiawe will show three Marowaks dancing. You have to figure out which of the three Marowaks did something different between the two dances. One of the Marowaks will do a different pose at the end of the second dance. There is no penalty if you ask to see the dances again. Click the button if you want to know the answer.

The middle Marowak was different in the two dances.

After you give the correct answer, you battle the level 18 Marowak. It can't be caught.

After that, you are asked to say the difference between another two dances. Click the button if you want to know the answer.

How they're smiling is the difference between the two dances.

After this, you battle Hiker David, who has a level 19 Magmar. You get 608 Pokédollars for winning.

Now Kiawe shows you the final dance. Once again, the difference is at the end of the dances. Click the button if you want to know the answer.

All of the answers are correct.

After you get the correct answer, you battle the level 22 Totem Marowak. It is weak to Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Dark attacks. It can summon other pokémon, such as Salazzle, into the battle.

After you defeat the Totem Salazzle, Kiawe gives you Firium Z, and the trial ends. Kiawe gives you 10 Quick Balls. Kiawe also adds Charizard to your Ride Pager.

When you use the Ride Pager to ride Charizard, it is just like using Fly in previous games. You can instantly go to various locations that you have been to before, such as Pokémon Centers and other landmarks. This makes it easy to go back to Melemele Island any time.

Now that you can surf on Lapras and can fly on Charizard, there are areas that can easily visit now that you couldn't explore before, such as Melemele Sea and Kala'e Bay.

When you are ready to continue, you should go to the tunnel in Route 7 and talk to the person in front of the barricade to open it. Go into the tunnel to reach Route 8.