Beginning the Game

How to start a new game of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon from the beginning.

Choose Your Language

When you first run the game, you will be prompted to choose the language that you want to play the game in. As the warning on the touch screen says, you can't change the language during the game. After you make your choice, you can choose Begin Game, or you can choose Select Language to go back and choose a different language.

Choose Your Photo

Afterward, you have a video chat with Professor Kukui, who tells you about the Alola region. Then you are asked to choose your photo for your Alola passport. There are eight to choose from. After you choose a photo, choose Yes to confirm your choice, or choose No to go back and choose a different one.

Enter Your Name

After you choose your photo, Professor Kukui asks you to spell your name. Tap the ↵ (Enter) key when you are done. Then you can choose Yes to confirm, or choose No to go back and change your name.


After this, there will be an intro video, then later, Meowth will wake you up. Use the Control Pad to get out of bed. You can press X to open the menu, then choose Save to save the game.

When you are ready, leave your room. Answer Mom's question however you wish.

Your Mom says to go check the coat rack in your room to get your hat and bag, and also check the Adventure Rules on your desk. So go through the upper-right door to go back to your room, check on your coat rack, and check the book on your desk.

After the cutscene, go outside, then go to the left and walk north on the dirt road to go to Route 1. Keep going north on Route 1 and try to go through the tall grass. A cutscene will occur, and you can choose one of the three pokémon (the grass-type Rowlet, the fire-type Litten, or the water-type Popplio) to be your starter pokémon. You can choose to give your pokémon a nickname.

You can now use Pokémon Refresh in the X menu.

Go north from here, then northwest. There is a Potion beyond the tall grass near the girl.

Go northwest from there, and there will be a cutscene. Hau will choose the starter pokémon that is weak to the one that you chose. He will challenge you to a battle, but he will heal up your pokémon first. His pokémon is level 5.

After the battle, go to the left and go through the grass to find a Paralyze Heal.

Then go up the stairs near Hau to enter Iki Town.