Royal Avenue

After passing through Route 6, you go east to Royal Avenue, home of the Battle Royal Dome.

Explore Royal Avenue

In the Royal Avenue Pokémon Center, if you have a Tentacool, you can trade with the Cook's Barboach.

There is a Poké Finder spot in the middle of the flower garden.

You can talk to the youngster in the flower garden. If you don't have a tale of courage to tell him yet, be sure to come back after you participate in a Battle Royal and talk to him again.

You can talk to Actor Meredith in the flower garden to battle her again. She has a level 18 Oricorio. You get 720 Pokédollars for winning.

There is a hidden Rare Candy south of the fountain that is south of the Malasada Shop.

If you check on the fountain south of the Malasada shop, you will accidentally drop an item in the water. If you are honest about what you dropped in the fountain, you will get an extra item as a reward.

In the Malasada shop, if you talk to the Pyukumuku or the store clerk next to it, you will listen to their commercial jingle. If you give them Moomoo Milk after that, the store clerk will give you a Big Malasada, and the store will start selling Mythic Malasadas the next day.

In the Pokémon Fan Club next door to the Malasada Shop, the fan club president can tell your friendship level with your pokémon.

In the northwest of Royal Avenue, you can find an Ultra Ball.

Go to the Battle Royal Dome and you will see Gladion go inside. You can follow him, or you can finish exploring Royal Avenue first.

East of the Battle Royal Dome, if you go into the Thrifty Megamart, the guy at the entrance gives you a coupon. You can use it to buy supplies for less than the usual price if you talk to the checkout clerks.

Talk to the nearby clerk to get a free random berry.

Talk to the Drifloon in the upper-right part of the store to get a Lemonade.

There is an HP Up behind the Thrifty Megamart.

Battle Royal Dome

If you are ready, go into the Battle Royal Dome and approach the front counter. The Masked Royal, who might or might not be Professor Kukui, explains that in a Battle Royal, four trainers each pick three pokémon and battle each other. When a trainer's three pokémon all faint, the battle ends. The winner will be the one who defeated the most pokémon and has the most left.

You will have a Battle Royal now, against the Masked Royal, Hau, and Gladion. For this battle, there will only be one pokémon per trainer.

After the battle, Kiawe will introduce himself. He says to go up Route 7 to reach Wela Volcano Park.

You can go to the front desk of the Battle Royal Dome to start a Battle Royal or trade your BP for prizes.

Otherwise, if you are ready, go northeast in Royal Avenue to reach Route 7.