Malie City

After a visit to the Aether Paradise, you ride the ferry to Ula'ula Island and arrive in Malie City.

Arrival in Malie City

Go into the Ferry Terminal and talk to the man in the upper-right to get a Nugget.

Go west and enter the Pokémon Center. If you talk to the café guy, the nurse will take a break too. After a cutscene, she gives you some Poké Beans.

Leave the Pokémon Center and go west. Hau challenges you to a battle. He has a level 30 starter (Dartrix if you chose Litten, Torracat if you chose Popplio, or Brionne if you chose Rowlet), a level 29 Raichu, a level 28 Vaporeon, a level 28 Tauros, and a level 28 Noibat. You get 1740 Pokédollars for winning.

Hau gives you a Lycanium Z after the battle.

After this, go west from the Pokémon Center and then go north into Malie Garden.

Malie Garden

In the southeast part of the garden, you can battle Sightseer Mitch. He has a level 28 Raticate. You get 1680 Pokédollars for winning.

If you go north from the Sightseer and through the grass, you find a Grassy Seed.

To the left of where you first entered the garden, there is some grass, and beyond that grass you can battle Preschooler Nancy. She has a level 27 Cleffa. You get 324 Pokédollars for winning.

Southwest of the Preschooler, you can find a Luxury Ball beyond the grass.

Go north through the grass, then when you see a dirt path going northeast, follow it. Someone is blocking the bridge, so go north. Check on the tree to find a Rare Bone.

Then go farther north and you find a raised bridge. Go across it, then follow the narrow path. When you reach a larger area, go northeast to find a dining area. Professor Kukui is there. Go toward him, and he will tell you to catch the bus from Route 10 to reach Mount Hokulani, where your next trial will take place.

After that, you can go north to an umbrella in this area to get a Rage Candy Bar.

Go southeast from where you talked to Professor Kukui, and you can have a double battle with Tourist Couple Landon and Yuriko. They have a level 28 Vulpix and a level 28 Alolan Vulpix. You get 2800 Pokédollars for winning.

Go north past the dining area, then go northeast through some grass to find a Big Mushroom.

If you go west from here, you can battle Sightseer Akali. She has a level 28 non-Alolan Raichu. You get 1680 Pokédollars for winning.

In the northwest corner of the garden, you find TM73 Thunder Wave.

To Malie City

After you are done exploring Malie Garden, go south to Malie City, then go west and talk to Lillie. She says that she is going to Malie Library next, and she asks if you will help her find the book that she is looking for.

Go west and you will find the Malasada Shop. To the left, there is Sushi High Roller, where you can have battles if you tell the cashier that you want to battle.

In the apparel shop, a Collector will ask you to catch a Minior, then show him your Pokédex.

Kantonian Gym

Near the library, you will find the Kantonian Gym, where you can pay 1000 Pokédollars to challenge the gym. You also get a Soda Pop after you pay. You can challenge the gym once per day.

In the left side of the gym, you can battle Kantonian Gym Blair. She has a level 29 Cutiefly. You get 928 Pokédollars for winning.

In the upper-left corner of the gym, you can battle Kantonian Gym Lee. She has a level 29 Minccino. You get 928 Pokédollars for winning.

In the right side of the gym, you can battle Kantonian Gym Adrian. She has a level 29 Smoochum. You get 928 Pokédollars for winning.

In the northern corridor of the gym, you can battle Kantonian Gym Dallas. She has a level 29 Fomantis. You get 928 Pokédollars for winning.

In the north end of the gym, you can battle Kantonian Gym Leader. He has a level 29 Machoke. You get 928 Pokédollars for winning.

After you defeat the Kantonian Gym Leader, you get a Surge Badge, 10 Soda Pops, and some Poké Beans.

The next time you challenge the gym, you can battle Pokémon Trainer Ryuki. He has a level 29 Turtonator, a level 29 Gabite, and a level 29 Drampa. You get 3480 Pokédollars for winning. Ryuki gives you a Dragon Scale afterward.

To the Library

If you got the Left Poké Ball from the third floor of the office building in Heahea City, there will be two people to the left of the library, and a cutscene will occur if you go up to them, and you will get a Mental Herb.

To the left of the Community Center, you will find Lillie in front of the library. After a cutscene, you both will go inside.

Explore the first floor of the library if you wish.

There is a tourist sitting at a table on the first floor who will give you TM76 Fly if you answer her questions.

If you check on the bookshelf near the front desk, an old photograph will fall out, and the librarian will help find its owner.

The guy near the top-left part of the library wants to see an Alolan Persian, so if you get one, be sure to talk to him again. An Alolan Meowth will evolve into Alolan Persian if you level it up with high friendship.

If you are ready, go upstairs. During a cutscene, Acerola helps Lillie find the book.

You can read books on the shelves on the second floor of the library if you wish. They contain information about the tapu. You can also re-read the book that Lillie read earlier.

After you visit the library, go east from the library and talk to the old man. He will tell you how he walked through Malie City:

  1. white square
  2. white triangle
  3. black triangle
  4. black circle
  5. white circle
  6. black triangle
  7. black square
  8. white circle
  9. white triangle
  10. white square

After you talk to the old man, if you walk on the symbols in the correct order, then talk to him again, he will give you five Max Repels.

Malie City Community Center

The Community Center is next to the Library. In the Community Center, there is a girl who will give your lead pokémon a Best Friends Ribbon if you have high friendship with it.

The guy at the table in the Community Center will give you a Strange Souvenir.

There is a door in the Community Center that leads to the Weather Class. Talk to the Beauty there to answer a quiz. If you get all of the correct answers, she will give you an Icy Rock, Smooth Rock, Damp Rock, and Heat Rock.

If you go into the second room of the Community Center and talk to the Punk Girl to try to buy something, the Team Skull Grunt will challenge you to a battle. If you battle her, she has a level 28 Mareanie. You get 896 Pokédollars for winning. After the battle, the Grunt offers to sell you a Strange Souvenir for 100 Pokédollars.

Malie City Outer Cape

Northwest of Malie City, there is Malie City Outer Cape.

Near the entrance of this area, you can battle Janitor Melvin. He has a level 27 Trubbish and a level 28 Trubbish. You get 1120 Pokédollars for winning.

Northwest of the Janitor, near the bottom-left corner of the building, there is an Antidote.

Approach the people in front of the left side of the building and you can battle Janitor Shawn. He has a level 28 Alolan Muk. You get 1120 Pokédollars for winning.

After that, you can battle Ace Trainer Chase. He has a level 30 Alolan Grimer. You get 2040 Pokédollars for winning.

After this, the Janitor gives you a Twisted Spoon.

You can talk to the man in the red shirt to the right of the building to learn battle styles. If you want to learn new battle styles, he can tell you about the requirements. Most of the other battle styles can't be learned until after you have completed the main game.

There is an X Speed near the upper-right corner of the building, behind a truck.

Talk to the guy northeast of the building to get a Friend Ball.

In the southeast corner of this area, past the grass, you find a Nugget.

When you are ready, go west from Malie City to reach Route 10.