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After going through the lounge with Luna, you choose to ally with her and go through the green door.

Collect Items

Take the radio from beside the robot on the table.

Take the chevron block from near the robot's head.

Take the blue battery from the shelf.

Remove the rusty key that is stuck in the toolbox on the shelf.

Get the chevron block from the shelf.

Take the poster with the eye on it.

Open the rightmost locker and get the binder from inside.

Open the middle locker and tap the lab coat to get a chevron block from the pocket.

Open the leftmost locker and tap the lab coat to take the name tag.

Check the Radio

Tap the computer desk to plug in the radio.

Tap the radio. Tapping the single arrow moves you 3 spaces. Tapping the double arrow moves you six spaces. Tapping the triple arrow moves you 8 spaces.

You are trying to get to Harold's frequency. Check the name tag, then check the frequency note that you got from the binder.

To get the correct frequency, tap 3, 3, 1, 1. Tap the computer monitor to get a blueprint of the room.

Combine Items

Press the button above the safe. It activates the robot table.

Put the rusty key into the oil next to the robot's head, then go back to the toolbox that you found the key in and use the oily key on it.

Take the detergent, screwdriver, and silver key from inside.

Combine the three chevron blocks.

Use the silver key on the drawer below the computer monitor and keyboard. Put the combined chevron blocks into the hole in the top drawer.

Get the handle from the middle drawer.

Get the tablet from the bottom drawer. Combine it with the screwdriver to remove the back panel.

Use the handle on the star-shaped hole in the wall behind the robot table.

One of the robots is wearing boxer shorts. Remove the boxers.

Another robot is holding a battery. Take the battery.

Combine the boxer shorts with the detergent. Use the boxers on the oil next to the robot's head. This reveals 120V.

Look for the monitor that came down from the ceiling with the robots. Tap it and complete the puzzle. You have to make a connection from the left to the right. The pink numbers contribute to the total. One possible combination is 35, 10, 30, 40, 5.

Now press the big red button on the control panel. The robots' eyes start glowing.

Put both batteries into the tablet.

Get the Secret File Password

Look at which of the robots' eyes are dark (not glowing). Compare this with the eye poster that you found on the wall. The pattern spells REMINISCENCE. Examine the tablet, then put REMINISCENCE into the tablet to get the secret file password.

Get the Escape Password

Look at which of the robots' eyes are glowing. Compare this with the eye poster that you found on the wall. The pattern spells BEACON OF HOPE. Examine the tablet, then put BEACONOFHOPE into the tablet to get the escape password.

After the Escape

Many things happen after you escape from the GAULEM Bay. Eventually, you have to choose whether to Ally or Betray.

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