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Director's Office

To reach this room, you have to unlock lock 2. To get to this room go through the yellow door, choose ally, then go through the blue door and pick ally after that.

Collect Items

There is a business card holder on the desk, but don't check it yet. You don't have enough information to solve it. Just remember where it is.

Take the globe from the shelf in the corner. Examine it in your inventory to get a World Map.

From the same shelf, take the expensive brandy.

Take the short spear and the slingshot from the suit of armor.

Take the cheap brandy from the other shelf. From behind it, take the tablet.

Remove the three sets of books from the shelf.

Go to the safe and tap the lock. Look at the World Map in your inventory that you got by examining the globe that you found on a shelf. The map shows you the correct color connections to unlock the safe.

From inside the safe, take the fake deer head. Also take the binder, which contains instructions for the business card holder.

Use and Combine Items

Examine the business card holder and put the cards in the correct positions based on the clues provided. The correct positions are:

Bob, Ellen, Sophie
Ann, Chris, John
Tony, Lola, Ian
Carole, Michael, Kate

Now turn the page and look at what it says on the back: BOOK 334

Put the books back on the bookshelf such that the last set of books is the four-book literary analyses set.

Use the deer head on the vertical line on the wall above where you found the tablet.

Put the cheap brandy on the laser bookshelf, which is under the escape safe. The laser makes a parallelogram inside of the bottle.

Put the expensive brandy on the shelf above the books.

Use the short spear on the desk drawer. Get the key from inside.

Use the key on the face recognition device, then tap the device after it is on. It says "gender mismatch" for all of you, so Tenmyouji puts a picture in front of the device, and it works, making a section of the wall rotate.

Take the helmet from the armchair and put it on the suit of armor.

Sit on the chair. Try using the slingshot on the balloon target a couple of times. Tenmyouji will give you the key from the facial recognition device to use in the slingshot.

Sit in the chair and pull the lever. Notice the P on the wall. Take the battery and combine it with the tablet.

Pull the lever to return to the main room.

Get the Escape Password

Check the tablet and put in the password HELP, which you saw with the red letters around the room. The tablet will display the escape code.

Get the Secret File Password

Enter the escape password into the safe and take the items out of it. Before using the escape key on the locked door, step back and you can see that the monitor on the credenza has changed.

If you haven't put the cheap brandy on this shelf, do that now. The laser will form a parallelogram in the bottle.

Touch the credenza monitor to play a tangram puzzle. You need to make a parallelogram with the shapes. You can drag the corners of each shape to rotate the shape, or you can drag the middle of the shape to move it.

Here is one way to solve it. Be sure to tap CHECK when you are done.

A solution to the tangram puzzle in the Director's Office in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

When you do it correctly, the monitor will display IILP. Put that code into the tablet to get the blue secret file password. Put that into the safe to get the gold file.

After the Escape

After the director's office, you must choose ally or betray.

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