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Sheikah Stone Visions

This is a list of the Sheikah Stone Visions that can be seen via the Sheikah Stone outside of Link's house and in the Temple of Time.

  • Inside the Deku Tree
    1. Through the Spider's Web: After climbing to the top level of the Deku Tree, Link leaps off of a ledge.
    2. Clearing the Cobwebs: On the bottom floor of the Deku Tree, Link steps on a switch that makes a torch light up. Link lights a Deku Stick and runs across the water.
    3. Waterlogged Limbo: Link runs into the water and dives to press a switch before hopping onto a moving square platform.
    4. Webbed Feet: Link pushes a large stone cube into the water, then goes back across with a lit Deku Stick. He runs with it onto a cobweb in the ground.
    5. Twenty-Three Is Number One: Link is shown bouncing the Deku Nuts of two Deku Scrubs back at them, starting with the middle one, then the rightmost one, then the first.
    6. Gohma Battle: Link is shown hitting Gohma in the eye with the slingshot when the eye turns red, then attacking Gohma with the sword when it is stunned on the ground.
  • Dodongo's Cavern
    1. A Weighty Dilemma: Link runs past a beamos, then pushes an armos statue toward a blue switch.
    2. Carrying a Torch: After running through a red room, Link uses a Deku Stick to light four torches in a blue room.
    3. A Bumper Crop: After jumping off of a moving platform and running toward a door, Link stands in a gap between bomb flowers, then is showing picking up a bomb flower and running toward that gap.
    4. The Wall above the Ladder: Link is shown running across a bridge on the upper level, then pushing a block toward a ledge then climbing onto the block. Then he is shown picking up a bomb flower and throwing it onto a stone ledge above a ladder.
    5. Something in Your Eye: Link is shown running past a grey sign with Hylian on it, then jumping over a gap on a bridge that has two gaps. Then he is shown dropping a bomb through each of those gaps.
    6. If the Block Fits...: Link is shown running through teeth, then climbing onto a narrow stone ledge, then pushing a stone block over a ledge, onto the floor where there is a stone hole.
    7. Onward and Downward: Link is shown running past a block embedded in a hole in the ground toward a door, then running with a bomb onto a crack in the ground, then falling through a large hole in the ceiling.
    8. King Dodongo Battle: Link picks a bomb flower and runs with it toward King Dodongo, who opens his mouth. Link throws the bomb flower into King Dodongo's mouth.
  • Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    1. Reaching the Far Shore: Link picks up Ruto and runs toward a door. After, he throws her onto a high ledge. Finally, an underwater switch is shown, and Link swims over to Ruto's side.
    2. Removing the Red Tentacle: Link steps onto a blue switch while carrying Ruto. Then he leaves Ruto on the switch, and is in a room where he throws the boomerang at the Red Tentacle.
    3. Bigocto Battle: Link stuns Bigocto with the boomerang, then waits for Bigocto to recover and start spinning before stunning Bigocto again, which this time is facing the other direction. Link runs forward and attacks Bigocto's back.
    4. Unstable Footing: Link approaches a pink platform that rises up and starts shaking around while shining with electricity. Link is shown hitting something with the boomerang. Then he jumps onto the platform, which is now blue and unmoving.
    5. Weighing it Down: Link jumps onto a high platform, then runs over and gets a wooden crate. He carries it over to a blue switch.
    6. Reaching Past Barriers: Link climbs a wall where there is a yellow barrier. He targets a hanging yellow switch, takes out his boomerang and carefully moves toward the edge of the ledge.
    7. Barinade Battle: Link breaks one of Barinade's tentacles that is attached to the ceiling, using the boomerang. Then he stuns Barinade's main body with the boomerang, and uses his sword to kill a stunned floating jellyfish. Finally, he stuns Barinade's main body and attacks it directly with his sword.
  • Forest Temple
    1. Bird's-Eye View - Link climbs some vines in the first room and is then shown on the branch of the tree. He runs toward a treasure chest on top of one of the trees.
    2. Blue Block Blues - Link runs past the four torches in the center room and stands next to a large blue block, then plays the ocarina.
    3. All's Well... - Link stands on a balcony fence and points his hookshot. Then he walks toward a red switch on another balcony. He then looks toward a well and hops off of the ledge.
    4. Building Blocks - Link pushes a blue block in the direction of the yellow arrows, then is shown pushing it from a different side. Then he pushes a red block in the direction of the yellow arrows and is shown pushing it from a different side.
    5. Undoing the Twist - Link walks toward a locked door under an eye symbol on the wall. Then he fights a Stalfos, then goes through a twisted corridor. Then he is shown just after shooting an arrow at the eye symbol on the wall from the first scene, but this time the eye symbol is closed.
    6. The Art of Exorcism - Link goes through the door into the twisted corridor, then is shown shooting an arrow at the wall in a room with a painting of a ghost. Then the ghost is shown on the lower floor, flying toward the camera.
    7. A Cold Look - Link jumps onto a spinning platform. A frozen eye switch is shown just beyond a flaming torch. Link shoots an arrow through the torch, then is shown jumping down into a hole in a room with a sideways ladder.
    8. The Sky Is Falling - Link is in a checkerboard patterned room. The ceiling falls, and later Link runs toward a gold switch. Then he is shown running toward the exit.
    9. Paranormal Puzzle - Link shoots an arrow toward the camera, and then is shown pushing puzzle blocks together. After that, a green ghost is shown flying toward the camera.
    10. One Last Ghost - Link walks toward the center room where the four torches are, and there is a purple ghost in the middle. Then four ghosts appear around him, and one of them spins. Finally, the real ghost hits his shield and he attacks it.
    11. A Revolutionary Room - Link hops onto the elevator in the center of the four lit torches. Then he is shown pushing one of the walls that sticks out, and the room rotates. He steps on a gold switch on a blue carpet, then walks through a corridor with a blue carpet and paintings on the walls.
    12. Phantom Ganon Battle - Phantom Ganon emerges from a painting, riding his horse. Link is shown aiming his bow and arrow. Then Phantom Ganon shoots a ball of energy, and Link deflects it with his sword.
  • Ice Cavern
    1. Gathering the Silver Rupees - The room with the spinning ice blade is shown. Link ducks under the blade by blocking himself with his shield. Then he gets up on the ledge with the barred door and jumps off toward the floating silver rupee.
    2. Blue Fire, Red Ice - After going through the door in the room with the ice blade, Link catches blue fire in a bottle and then goes back to the ice blade room, where he melts a wall of red ice.
    3. Sliding Puzzle - Link runs toward the large block of ice that he can slide around. He is shown sliding it toward the wall with the blue fire, then sliding it from a silver rupee pillar toward the blue fire wall. Then he climbs up to the blue fire.
  • Bonus
    1. Finding Fairies: Link is shown in a fountain, catching a fairy in a bottle. Then, in a red room, he is hit with a final blow by a Lizalfos, but a fairy brings Link back to life.
    2. Din's Blessing: Link runs toward Hyrule Castle, then throws a bomb at a rock in the path to Hyrule Castle, then is shown playing the Ocarina at a fountain.
    3. Farore's Blessing: Link runs through shallow water near Jabu-Jabu, then swims toward an area with a tree and some rocks. He throws a bomb at a rock, then is shown playing the ocarina at a fountain.
    4. Sword Mastery: Link bombs a rock on the mountain, then shields himself from falling rocks with the Hylian Shield, then takes out a bomb after walking past the owl. Then he is shown playing the ocarina at a fountain.
    5. Four-Legged Friend - Link is shown as a child, playing ocarina while standing next to Malon and Epona. Then as an adult, he plays the ocarina in the horse pen, and a grown-up Epona rides toward him.
    6. Riding Farore's Wind:
  • Hyrule
    1. Where the Sword Sleeps: Link crawls through a hole in Kokiri forest, then runs behind a rolling boulder, and finally runs around a corner.
    2. Breaking and Entering: Link climbs vines in the path to Hyrule Castle near where Malon is standing, then runs up a rocky slope between some guards, then climbs more vines where there are guards to the right, then falls onto the ground and runs toward the moat.
    3. Rise and Shine: Link receives an egg from Malon, runs along the Hyrule Castle path, then runs toward Talon and pulls something from his tunic.
    4. Up the Mountain Trail: Link climbs the stairs to Kakariko Village, runs toward the staircase to the left of the man by the tree, runs between the houses, and up the stairs to the guard at the gate.
    5. Moving a Heart of Stone: Link plays the ocarina on a rug with the symbol of the Goron Ruby on it, then runs into a hollow log in Kokiri Forest, then plays the ocarina with Saria, and finally plays ocarina in front of Darunia.
    6. Blasting and Entering: Link picks up a bomb flower behind a fence near a Goron, then we see a view of the rocks blocking Dodongo's Cavern. Link throws the bomb flower over the fence.
    7. Entering Zora's Domain: Link runs toward the water flowing out into Hyrule Field, then runs into the opening that the water is flowing from. He runs across some water, then stands on a Triforce symbol in front of a waterfall and plays the ocarina.
    8. Taking a Dive: Link talks to a Zora above a waterfall, then is shown diving in some water where there are blue rupees. Then he dives toward an entrance underwater in Zora's Domain. Then he is shown in Lake Hylia, diving toward the source of some bubbles.
    9. Finding the Wayward Princess: Link is shown speaking to a Zora. Then he catches a fish with a bottle in Zora's Domain. Then he walks toward Jabu-Jabu's face.
    10. The Princess's Plea: Link dives toward the Ocarina of Time in the moat, then runs toward the Temple of Time, then pulls out the ocarina at the altar.
    11. A Grave Secret - Adult Link runs into Kakariko Graveyard and goes into Dampé's house. Then he runs behind a grave near the magic bean spot from the past.
    12. Reaching the Fire Temple
    13. A Frozen Cave - Link runs past frozen King Zora, then runs along a block of ice where Lord Jabu-Jabu used to be. Then he jumps across some spinning blocks of ice.
    14. Reviving King Zora - Link runs into the Ice Cavern and catches blue fire in a bottle, then he stands next to frozen King Zora.
    15. To The Water Temple -
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