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Death Mountain Trail

After your visit to Kakariko Village, show Zelda's Letter to the soldier and go to Death Mountain Trail.

Climb the Mountain

You will encounter tektites along the path. Don't try to stab them with a forward thrust, because they will likely just jump over your sword. Instead, target them and swing your sword without touching the control stick.

As you go up the mountain, a goron will roll toward you. It will hurt you if it hits you, so stay close to the left wall to avoid it.

From there, go straight ahead past a platform with small rocks on it. You will reach the Goron Village.

Get the Goron Bracelets

Go down to the bottom floor and stand on the carpet next to the closed door. Play Zelda's Lullaby to open the door. Go through and stand near the angry-looking Goron and play Saria's Song to cheer him up. He will give you the Goron Bracelet and ask you to get rid of the dodongos in Dodongo's Cavern.

Get a Piece of Heart

Before leaving Darunia's room, take out a Deku Stick and light it with one of the torches near Darunia. Leave his room and light the four torches here. The giant jar will start spinning.

Go up to the next floor. If you throw a bomb flower into the jar when the happiest face is showing, you will get a piece of heart. There is a bomb flower in the hallway near the jar on the second floor.

Open Dodongo's Cavern

Go back outside and turn right. There is a big goron standing near a bomb flower. Use the bomb flower to break open the rocks that are blocking Dodongo's Cavern. Just pick up the bomb flower and throw it over the short piece of fence. If you didn't aim properly, just wait for another bomb flower to grow, and try again.

Get another Piece of Heart

Before going down to the entrance, you can get a piece of heart that is on the ledge above the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. To reach it now, stand with your back against the short piece of fence next to the bomb flower. Pick up the bomb flower and throw it, then do a backflip toward the left. If you aimed correctly, you will land on the ledge above the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. You will get hurt, but when you get the piece of heart that is here, your health will be refilled.

Get a Gold Skulltula

Go down to the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. If you have bugs in a jar, drop them into the spot of soft soil here to get a gold skulltula.

Go into Dodongo's Cavern.

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